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Demand Swells For ERP in Logistics Growth Curve

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-24

Better late than never Logistic companies have realized the significance of information technology in nurturing business and driving growth. In the wake of the rising economy a large number of small medium and large sized enterprises have adopted ERP systems to take on competition and enhance business growth. ERP an acronym for Enterprise resource planning is forming a strong operational backbone of businesses in the logistics industry.


The importance of ERP for logistics cannot be undermined due to the distinct benefits it delivers. Prior to its introduction there was no proper means of obtaining the required information which resulted in a communication gap affecting the overall efficiency. The centralized database of an ERP ensures quicker processing and dissemination of information to various departments functions within an enterprise enabling them to easily access and share information with each other. It streamlines the entire operations and functions which gives management better control over the organization. The system also helps in saving valuable time by reducing the burden of paperwork which further brings down the costs.

ERP applications are increasingly gaining traction amidst players in the logistics sector says a survey by Softlink a leading software developer. The survey which was conducted over 500 companies as respondents indicated an upsurge with 89% respondents looking upon ERP to meet challenges and get added benefits in the form of better accuracy and higher profits. It also throws light on aspects like the motivational factors which propel LSPS to invest in technology their plans and perceptions on investing in technology major benefits and the barriers faced in technology adoption.

Performance of an ERP is a key factor which should never be ignored while choosing the right partner for your organization. There are a number of ERP solutions in the market today and Softlinks Logi-Sys is comprehensive software for Freight Forwarders and logistics service provider which helps in improving productivity control and visibility within an organization. It embraces a gamut of services under its realm including software for freight forwarding, Customs clearance tracking and tracing financial operations and sales and service among others.

International Logistics is rapidly evolving opening the new doors to opportunities. Companies need to bring about change in the traditional style of functioning and implement modern systems and technologies. Its high time for the logistics sector to be geared-up for the future by adopting ERP for logistics to be globally competitive and reap the benefits of higher growth.

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