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By sea or by air? International logistics transportation way

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Choose by sea or by air? International logistics, air and sea these two basic mode of transportation of each has its advantages and disadvantages, when choosing the mode of transportation should be combined with the actual situation of logistics items. International logistics is a country and nation, between countries and regions the personal belongings of goods transport, the international logistics service in general private goods transportation, international import and export of goods transportation are similar, just different customs policy and service crowd. International logistics is usually relatively far distance, you need to use a variety of combined transportation, after many handling operations, many of the intermediate links, such as land, sea, air and so on. Below VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to summarize some of the air and sea on the advantages and disadvantages of international logistics business: air time: international logistics air normal shipping time, generally between 7 to 14 days, contains items packing, transportation, customs clearance, delivery, such as time, final shipping time depends on logistics destination. Volume: air also has the certain requirement of volume weight, cargo plane bearing relative to the ship's load is relatively weak, generally require the goods for not more than 70 kg, goods width not more than the sum of 420 cm high, the longest do not exceed 150 cm, long not more than 75 cm. Cost: air on logistics cost slightly more expensive to ocean. Conclusion: if the international transport of goods of few and small volume, no furniture, overweight goods, etc. , as well as to the time requirements more try so hard, the selected by air is better. Shipping time: international shipping personal items shipping time usually depends on the country/countries; Line distance between country/region, if the two countries in different continents, personal items shipping probably need to be in the following three stages: 1, personal belongings in the packaging of shipment, customs clearance, etc. , it will take a week to the next shipment. 2, personal belongings at sea transportation time takes about 4 to 6 weeks. 3, private goods at the destination port to do customs clearance, such as handling, loading and unloading takes about 1 to 2 weeks. Continents within or between neighboring continents national transportation, transportation in the meeting on time in half. Volume: although shipping transportation time relative to air for a long time, but there is no requirement for transport goods size weight. Cost: transportation cost relatively cheap. Conclusion: if the international logistics of goods is more, or furniture, overweight goods, such as the requirement of time is not urgent, generally choose the shipping logistics. VIPU Supply Chain's main business is the international ocean shipping logistics, double shut the door to door one-stop service. International logistics to find VIPU Supply Chain, the unified national service hotline: 400 - 012 - 5052. Or online inquiry/contact us.
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