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VIPU default contain international logistics Supply Chain and does not include the service section

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain logistics for immigrants went abroad to study abroad, and foreign work demand, the customer the furniture furniture, large/check overweight luggage and personal belongings to the world, or back to China. Rely on VIPU Supply Chain service network covering the whole country and all over the world network of partners we can provide professional, efficient, both the personal belongings of ratio of FCL/LCL by sea, double qing shut the door to door one-stop service. And VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to provide specific services have? Usually customers and VIPU Supply Chain staff to contact first, after communication to understand customer's situation, we will provide services targeted plan and estimate the quotation document to the customer, all contain and does not include the service will be listed in the document. If customer no special requirements, and VIPU Supply Chain staff according to know the customer situation that the absence of special needs, personal belongings default contain shipping door to door and does not include the services are as follows: low default contain international logistics service door packing ( Ordinary furniture disassembly, scattered/fragile packaging, including material Export packing services ( 包括材料) To the port of departure, port loading and unloading/clearance Transport to POL, port handling/customs clearance low Sea shipping port of shipment by Sea to the port of destination from POL to POD destination port customs clearance/port loading and unloading, Transport to the destination, discharge to the first floor POD customs clearance/port handling, Transport to the destination city, delivery toground floor of destination address where the destination is simple old furniture installation/rubbish destination on the same day indoor services o basic setup and debris removal on same day low Return empty container to dock the Return of the empty container to POE low insurance (default does not include the international logistics service If the insured, the rate of the goods declared value of 3. 5%) Insurance low price without tax ( Invoice 6% tax point) Excluding tax whatever Any wooden packaging wooden packing, whatever duty/tax/demurrage/storage/inspection charge Any duties/taxes/demurrage/storage/custom inspection when the piano/safe Oversized large overweight cargo services such as the pieces to the as pianos/safe handling for low in is not easy to move the place provides short barge crane/long distance transport, etc. The Use of a shuttle service or hoisting, long carry due to complaints about access guest own packaging carton unpacking and placement services should be quoted separately PBO ( 包装由业主) Box unpacking is excluding Unless specified on this quote low transport when parking Any earlier of parking while in transit 'in more than one destination Delivery of The goods Delivery to multiple address' maid third-party services such as The third - Party services description: the default contains and does not include the service can be according to customer requirements or different and adjustment, VIPU Supply Chain partners in most mainstream country or service team basic can meet most of the international logistics customers additional requirements, any additional requirements before the contract is signed and VIPU communicate the staff of Supply Chain in terms of the feasibility evaluation and forecast price adjustment.
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