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The two services in the international logistics form selection ( Door to door, door to port)

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Two common in international logistics service mode: door to door, door to port. A, door to door goods to the port a week or so, abroad or overseas agent, has been based on their provide materials for your customs clearance data in the past, will through the mail and fax the form of delivery in your signature confirmation, upon receipt of you back signature confirmation, will immediately after the goods to the port you handle customs clearance, customs clearance, after the completion of 1, will be in, and you make an appointment time to delivery to your house downstairs, you need to own or hire local workers moved to the item for you at home. 2, according to your appointment time to send to your home, and clearing up the rubbish and dismantle packaging, assembly simple old furniture service. Second, after the door to port service items to the port, abroad or overseas agent, will inform you to customs clearance, then you need to bring your id and they made out of the packing list for you to fill in the form of local customs to deal with personal belongings after customs clearance, customs clearance as the port of destination all fees shall be borne by you.
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