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The three main points of the international logistics cost saving

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
In this era of soaring prices, everyone more and more attention to the problem of money. Many friends want cheap and fast, the logistics, reduce logistics cost. While measuring the stand or fall of an international logistics lp services, logistics cost is the most can reflect directly, but sometimes cost is not only a key problem. Like you say two of the same international logistics services, the same sea freight, why can differ so much money? In the information transparency high society, how to cut down the cost of logistics, as well as enjoy the good service? Small make up today for your sums up the main points of the three international logistics cost saving, after understanding these points, good service and good international logistics lp as you choose. Point 1: international logistics lp cost comparison. Going to the international logistics friend can inquire on the net the first international logistics lp is nearer to his home, choose 5 ~ 6 home, make a phone call to ask clear price, price than many, ensure that won't be pit. At the time of consultation, must tell international logistics lp advisors need to carry on the number of items, so that each other can more accurate quote. After the consultation, choose 2 ~ 3 ratio of good companies, and make company telephone and address of the record. Point 2: choose a formal international logistics lp. Must choose normal international logistics lp, to avoid the hidden fees, such as goods damage claim except bad happens. This needs friends took time to choose 2 ~ 3 international logistics lp to check qualifications to have formal business license issued by the industrial and commercial bureau of international logistics lp is normal. Point three: pack the goods before the international logistics. Formal international logistics lp usually have packaged service, but this is for a fee. So, pack your good items before international logistics, can save a part of the logistics cost. Packaging, the need to pay attention to two points: one is fragile goods alone, be careful to packing, avoid breakable in handling collision damage on the way; 2 it is for goods such as air conditioning, had better look for professional air-conditioning disassembling the master to be removed first, to avoid the damage of air conditioning. Move is not small, smooth logistics on an auspicious day, comfortable living is of great significance for later. So in the international logistics in the day it is best not to have any mistakes, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp in this recommendation friends logistics must choose normal international logistics lp, such ability can reduce logistics cost, also can enjoy the high quality service, shu xin logistics.
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