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The shipping method of Amazon head shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-06
What is the cost of Amazon's first shipping? How much is it? What are the shipping methods of Amazon headcourse shipping? Let's follow the editor to have a look! As for the head-trip cost of Amazon fba shipping, it needs to be determined according to the cargo situation. Generally, the cost is calculated according to CBM. The head-trip shipping of fba can be divided into whole container or bulk container delivery, this needs to be determined according to your actual cargo volume. The specific cost will involve freight, customs duties, miscellaneous fees, etc. The operation process of Amazon fba shipping is generally to be shipped by the seller first, and at the same time, relevant documents and materials should be prepared, and then the time of delivery and delivery should be determined, the next step is to transport the goods to the designated place for inspection, and declare the prepared customs declaration materials. Then you can book the space, arrange the trailer, confirm the release, and wait for the goods to arrive at the port, it is to carry out customs clearance operation, and finally send the goods to Amazon fba warehouse through trucks or other transportation tools. With the popularity of Amazon, more and more e-commerce companies begin to use FBA, and FBA head-trip service is on the rise. Shipping is regarded as a cost-effective FBA head-to-head delivery method, which saves money than air transportation and express delivery, and has no restrictions on products. There are two main ways: Sea acceleration (Shipping Express delivery), Hejiaka (Shipping truck delivery) The Hajia platform covers these two modes. The shipping methods of Amazon head shipping FBA shipping head shipping generally has two methods: shipping truck and shipping Express; Shipping trucks are generally trailers that are cooperated by freight forwarding companies. They need to be reserved for storage, and the time is unstable, but the cost is cheaper than shipping Express. If the goods are not in a hurry, this is a good choice. Shipping express delivery, express delivery to FBA, no need to make an appointment directly into the warehouse, generally will be about 3 days faster than the card. Customs clearance: it is an important link that cannot be ignored in the FBA shipping process and determines whether your goods can reach FBA smoothly. Sellers need to find freight forwarders with strong customs clearance ability, who have a special customs clearance team overseas, and companies that do not pick up contraband casually, like those that can pick up dangerous goods, but yours are just ordinary goods, once it is inspected by the customs, it will be implicated. The biggest advantage of shipping is that the price is stable, the space is sufficient, and it is not affected by the off-season season. It will not be like empty delivery and express delivery. In the peak season, due to limited shipping space, the price fluctuates greatly, and it is necessary to arrange the warehouse, which affects the timeliness.
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