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The green governance of express packaging urgently

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-25
  Using express delivery has become a habit of people, and the accompanying express packaging waste has also seen rapid growth. Green governance in the express delivery industry has become an important issue. Under the promotion of relevant departments, the green, reduced, and recyclable express packaging has achieved initial results, but it is still necessary to establish a long-term mechanism to control some chronic diseases.

   The latest data from the State Post Bureau show that since June, the average daily volume of express delivery across the country has approached 260 million pieces. As people use express delivery to become a habit, the volume of express delivery business has also increased year by year, and express packages such as express cartons, plastic bags, and foam boxes have also become 'frequent visitors' to the trash bins in the community.

   How much express packaging does my country consume in a year? According to estimates, it consumes 32.8 billion cartons, 320 million rolls of tape, 7.06 billion envelopes, and 63 billion sheets.

   It is worth noting that for some time to come, my country’s express delivery industry will continue to maintain a relatively high growth rate. The amount of express packaging used and the absolute value of the resulting packaging waste will continue to increase. Green governance of express packaging has become an important issue.

This year, the State Post Bureau proposed the '9792' project, that is, by the end of this year, it will strive to achieve 90% of the packaging ratio of 'slim tape', the e-commerce express mail no longer has a secondary packaging rate of 70%, and the utilization rate of circulating transit bags has reached 90%. 20,000 postal express outlets with standard packaging waste recycling devices.

   In response to this, logistics companies have responded, and continue to promote the promotion of circulating transfer bags and electronic face orders. Taking ZTO Express as an example, the current usage rate of ZTO Express's electronic face orders has reached 99.9%, and the usage of one order form has reached more than 80% throughout the network, and it is still growing steadily. At the same time, the utilization rate of newly purchased 'slimming tape' below 45 mm has reached 100%. The company also vigorously promotes the use of recyclable transit bags and develops an environmental bag identification system. As of now, the entire network of ZTO Express has put in use more than 2.5 million recyclable transit bags with RFID chips. Currently, Shanghai and Guangzhou have achieved 100% coverage of recyclable transit bags. It is expected that the entire network will be fully covered by the end of this year.

'Previously, woven bags were used for 5 cents each, but they can only be used once. The current recyclable transit bags can be used for one year. After calculation, the single use cost is only 1 cent, and the loading capacity of each bag has increased by 30 %.' Zuo Xiaofeng, head of Zhongtong Express in Shigatse City, Tibet, said that the use of recycle bags not only helps the development of environmental protection, but also reduces the operating costs of the outlets.

  How about the completion of the relevant indicators of the “9792” project in the whole industry? Not long ago, at the system-wide eco-environmental protection work video conference held by the State Post Bureau, Zhao Min, a member of the party group and deputy director of the State Post Bureau, introduced that energy conservation and emission reduction in the express delivery industry are steadily advancing. As of the end of April, the proportion of 'slimming' tape packaging nationwide has reached 83.8%, e-commerce express mail no longer repacks the rate of 65%, the use rate of recycle transfer bags has reached 80.9%, and 17,000 postal express outlets set up packaging waste recycling box.

   The green, reduced, and recyclable express packaging results are beginning to show. However, the recycling of express packaging was not as smooth as expected. For example, some express delivery points have limited space and no space for recycling bins; despite the large amount of express delivery in some communities, consumers are accustomed to taking couriers home and dismantling, and the recycling bins do not play a practical role; there are still many packaging cartons due to damage rate High, the probability of recycling is very low.

“Do a good job in the industry’s ecological and environmental protection work and win the battle for pollution prevention and control. The mission is glorious and the task is arduous.” Zhao Min said that the whole system must be proactive, innovate in ways and methods, deeply promote the green governance of express packaging, and resolutely fight the industry’s pollution prevention and control battle. Make new and greater contributions to building a well-off society in an all-round way and building a beautiful China.

Regarding the next step, Zhao Min stated that, first of all, postal administrations at all levels must further recognize the importance of doing well in the industry’s ecological and environmental protection work, earnestly perform regulatory responsibilities, and supervise enterprises to implement the main responsibilities; secondly, they must firmly establish the concept of governance by law , Improve the supporting laws and regulations, and implement publicity and implementation; thirdly, we must coordinate the promotion, make breakthroughs in key points, give full play to the pilot demonstration role, and incorporate the industry's ecological and environmental protection work into the daily supervision system.

   The green governance of the express delivery industry must adhere to both the symptoms and the root causes and promote comprehensive governance. It is necessary to take the implementation of the green governance work account of express packaging as the starting point to accelerate the promotion of green packaging applications; to establish and improve the legal standards and policy systems that are compatible with the green concept as the guarantee, build a long-term mechanism for green governance; to use information and intelligence Leading by technological innovation, we will continue to strengthen the endogenous power of green governance. In addition, we must adhere to joint construction and governance, actively implement the reform requirements of the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities, promote the implementation of territorial responsibilities, strengthen departmental collaboration, strengthen publicity and guidance, and create a good atmosphere for the industry's ecological and environmental protection work.
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