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The gift box chooses Amazon fba head shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-12
Last week, Jerry found VIPUTRANS logistics customer service by searching Amazon fba on the Internet. VIPUTRANS arranged a salesperson YES to receive Jerry. After communicating with Jerry, YES learned that Jerry's company is in Shenzhen and has its own Amazon store, which mainly sells gift box products. Jerry needs to ship a batch of gift boxes, about 6-9 parties to the Amazon warehouse in LA, USA. After Jerry provided specific product information such as the packing list, YES also customized the Hygapai transportation plan for him, and made a reasonable quotation based on the volume.

After knowing the price and timeliness, Jerry also felt very satisfied, so he chose VIPUTRANS's US FBA first shipping channel. After Jerry prepared the goods, VIPUTRANS soon arranged for door-to-door delivery. After the goods arrived in the warehouse, they waited until the ship was shipped for transportation. Moreover, VIPUTRANS's FBA transportation operation only needs Jerry to provide the specific cargo information and the reserved Amazon warehouse receipt information, and there is no other cumbersome customs clearance documents that can be double-cleared to the door. After understanding these service processes, Jerry also feels that VIPUTRANS is very professional. A series of processes are very simple. This cooperation is very pleasant.
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