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the essence of air freight kpi

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-04-23
People can now send the goods they want with at least 24 hours of delivery turnaround time.
This is possible due to the presence of aircraft and freighters.
Without that, if the ships were still the only way through the seven continents of the world, everyone would have to wait for days, even weeks.
However, even if there is technology around, there will still be problems with freight services.
Therefore, it is important to have a standard air freight KPI scorecard to measure the effectiveness of this service.
Key performance indicators or key performance indicators are measurable indicators incorporated into the corporate scorecard.
These are used not only to measure the financial aspects of the company\'s performance, but also to measure customer satisfaction and the actual efficiency of activities and processes.
This applies to any industry and the metrics measured are different, even for companies that belong to the same industry.
This is precisely because each management has a different view of what is important and what is not.
Let\'s say that air freight has 90% accuracy in delivering the right package to the right recipient.
That sounds good, but it\'s not.
90% accuracy means that 1 million of them are incorrect for every 100,000 packs.
This is a shocking figure and for the same reason air freight companies should develop ways to reduce the chance of error.
This can only be done if things are measured effectively.
Always remember that a thing cannot be managed if it cannot be measured.
If something is not manageable, it cannot be improved.
So, what kpi should the air cargo company\'s scorecard contain?
There are actually many.
As mentioned earlier, these indicators may vary from company to company.
However, there are some common metrics that are measured, one of which is booking.
Booking includes flight time.
This should be identified immediately and executed perfectly so that the customer knows when their goods will be sent out.
Part of the booking is to mark the efficiency of these packages, whether they should belong to this flight number or another flight number.
If the package for the first flight is delivered to the second flight, there will be a serious delay.
The standard here should be 100% accuracy.
The measure is to calculate the packing time based on the agreed packing time.
Another indicator that is too common is received at the agreed time.
This is called a mouse.
This means that if the promised delivery time is within 24 hours
During the hours, the recipient of the package should receive the package without the specified schedule and not exceed that schedule.
Otherwise, it is considered a defective service.
This is also related to booking.
If the booking is not accurate, there will be a certain delay in the delivery of the goods.
Of course, the empty freight KPI equivalent of RAT is also 100%.
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