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Reasons why Amazon FBA is easy to deduct customs

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-20
   First of all, everyone is most concerned about the issue of customs clearance. Choosing a good courier company, if the goods cannot be cleared, no matter how cheap the price, no matter how fast the time limit, the goods cannot be properly delivered, it is no use. As we all know, FBA will not clear customs for you without a recipient, and cannot pay you tariffs. No one solves the problem when the goods are stuck in the customs during the transportation. The main reason for this article is to help you understand the express delivery in an all-round way and avoid some avoidable errors.

   Several reasons for easy deduction:

  1: Special products: such as glasses, beauty equipment, and medical equipment. Imports of these types of products in the United States need to provide 'FDA'. If these documents cannot be provided, they must not be imported.

  2: Anti-dumping products: These products are shown on your commercial invoices, and 80% of them will be stuck in customs when they enter the United States. If it is FBA cargo, there is no friend in the United States to help you handle this cargo. (Luyuan International Logistics Shenzhen warehouse is currently dedicated to Europe and the United States Amazon FBA head service. The professional logistics team has rich experience in US customs clearance. It can provide you with US customs import consultation, verify product codes, and provide customs clearance assistance. Answer all your questions United States customs clearance, warehousing, delivery and other logistics concerns. The customs clearance agency is strong and has a 100% customs clearance rate.)

  3: Tariff: I believe that some Amazon FBA veterans do not pay 90% tariffs. The tariff threshold in the United States is 200USD, and normal international express parcel declarations over 200USD will pay the tariff. Amazon FBA warehouses are all located in duty-free states, but tariffs may also be generated during customs clearance and transit cities, such as Los Angeles and New York airports. I am here to give you a reasonable declaration plan. The single ticket declaration of goods after customs clearance in Los Angeles and New York should be controlled within 200USD and the weight of the single ticket should be controlled within 70KG, so that the price of the goods through the agency is the cheapest and the tariff can be avoided. As far as possible, the single-ticket declaration of goods after customs clearance in Cincinnati should not exceed 800USD.
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