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Precautions for the import of biscuits and the

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05

Our company specializes in the import of various biscuits: Malaysian biscuits, Swiss biscuits, Spanish biscuits, Danish biscuits, Korean biscuits, American biscuits, Indonesian biscuits, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Various brand biscuits: cookies, wafer biscuits, Chocolate biscuits, nut biscuits, sandwich biscuits, general trade import customs clearance, application for sanitation license, constant temperature storage, transportation and distribution, loading and unloading and other one-stop services.

1. Calculation of the import duty rate of biscuits: (Customs Code: 1905310000)
1. Most-favored nation tariff: 15% VAT: 17%

2. Qualifications that the domestic consignee of biscuits must have:
1. The right to import and export food
2. Food circulation permit
3. Qualification of food commodity inspection and filing warehouse

3. Information to be provided for importing biscuits and other foreign countries:
1. Packing list

2. Invoice

3. Trade contract

4. Certificate of Origin

5. Health certificate

6. Composition test report
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