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Precautions for import and export from China to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-26
There are many specific rules for import and export shipping in the United States. If you don’t understand, you will lose money and you will have many troubles. Below, VIPUTRANS will introduce in detail the precautions for import and export shipping from China to the United States.
   Foreign trade is in full swing at this stage, and cross-border e-commerce has entered a new model. The trade between China and the United States is becoming more and more frequent. Whether it is exporting or importing hundreds of thousands of goods every day, the United States will have many specific rules for import and export shipping. Below, Baosteel will introduce in detail the precautions for import and export shipping from China to the United States.

   First is the weight limit: cargo owners in the United States should avoid overweight goods shipped in the whole container, because if they are overweight, they will receive more serious fines. Due to the different laws and regulations of various states in the United States, goods to inland points have limited weight requirements.

  Importer Security Filing is followed by Importer Security Filing. Importers in the United States need to complete the import declaration, which must be completed 72 hours before the ship arrives. Each order is usually charged USD 30, and no further declaration is allowed 72 hours before the ship arrives at the port of destination.

  Finally, for goods going to the United States or transiting to a third country via the United States, AMS is required for a 30-dollar ticket. After the AMS is cut off, if you need to change the data, it is generally 15 dollars a ticket. For goods exported to the United States by sea, the owner must complete the anti-terrorism manifest declaration 2 days before the ship sails, and must provide the real consignee and consignee information (including company name, address, phone number, etc.), if necessary after the first declaration is successful Change the declaration information.

  PS: Important things, the double clear to-door shipping costs from China to the United States generally include: ocean freight, customs declaration fees, ISF, AMS, destination port miscellaneous fees, customs clearance fees, delivery fees, excluding destination import tariffs, tariff reimbursement.
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