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Perfume cosmetics export _VIPUTRANS need to pay attention to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-18
As one of the female * love cosmetics, perfume in women has dominated the important position in the market. Perfume because it into liquid, and mostly contain alcohol, so should be in accordance with the standards of dangerous goods in export formalities. So what perfume cosmetics export need to pay attention to. Below small make up details for you. Perfume belongs to China's regulations need to test one of the nine categories of chemical products. Customs supervision conditions: A. Goods declaration alone. B。 Outbound goods declaration form. Said exports as method to check the goods, to declare before the customs inspection declaration elements: 1, commodity. 2, packing. 3, brand. Perfume export need? 1, provide dangerous packages. Dangerous package card mainly contains two aspects, the performance certificate and certificate. Performance certificate is simple, general and provide packing normal manufacturer can produce. Use card is more complex, want to use the performance certificate to the local commodity inspection bureau to apply for dangerous goods factory. 2、MSDS。 Main test content is the aroma, color, clarity, moisture and volatile matter and the contents of active matter, and costumes of the container inspection. 3, packing list. 4, invoice. 5, the contract. 6, customs declaration. 7, agent declaration a power of attorney. 8, the commodity inspection declaration form ( Or the commodity inspection replacement slip) 。 About; What perfume cosmetics export to note & throughout; Problem, the above content has detail clear for everyone, hope I can help you.
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