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New immigrants logistics before the entry into the United States should understand the common sense of life

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
VIPU logistics Supply Chain to undertake the immigrants to the United States more and more business for the people had applied for talking about life in another country? Actually before the us immigration first to understand the common sense of life. Historical and cultural different between China and the United States, living custom is different also. Some for the first time to go to America to visit, travel or business friends, it's best to know about the American life common sense. In this way, can avoid some unnecessary misunderstanding, also can reduce the trouble. A button, pavement by the side of the road first, after waiting for the green light flash, through as quickly as possible. Second, the americans see a stranger will say hello or smile. See later, want to respond politely, don't dodge each other's eyes or pretend not to see, that would be considered impolite or upbringing. And close to people can hug a courtesy. Third, in the restaurant to give a tip, for 10% of the amount of consumption - commonly - - - - - - 15%, fast-food restaurants not to tip. In addition, a haircut, let the waiter at the hotel for help to the service industry to give a tip. Four, in the United States are generally not brush calorie of consumption or use traveler's checks, to bring the ID card. Five, all the toilet are disposable toilet seat pad paper and toilet paper. Six, the voltage and the plug, unlike China, charging converter. Seven, take a shower in the morning and evening, often change clothes. Eight, shopping at the mall registered and E - fill in the address MAIL, because they will give you send a discount card. Often go to the supermarket, can do loyalty CARDS. Nine, all sorts of things to buy, but each state has so a few days is not taxed. Without the tax that a few days to buy things, it's much cheaper. Ten, washing clothes to direct drying, don't in the outside or to hang your clothes on the balcony. Eleven, dentists giant is expensive, but also have to make an appointment in advance, for a long time. In the United States before the tooth the check check, do nest groove closed, prevent tooth decay. 12, all restaurant drink unlimited refilled, fast food restaurants make money took the cup, drink themselves to play. Under the age of thirteen, 30 girls wear bikinis to all kinds of swimming, but refused to conjoined. Fourteen, pump gas, pay, a set of gas stations have to wipe glass, including paper, refueling can rub the glass, by the way. 15, do not accept any strangers to medicine, or sugar, also don't give a stranger, because may be a drug, you can't bear the responsibility, is not your responsibility. 16, clap to hard and loud, handshake is firm. 17, the visit to the United States, recommend to buy a AT& T cell phones, after seven o 'clock the phone for free, the cell phone CARDS and mobile phones to buy together. 18, americans particularly welcome gift is China arts and crafts accessories and all kinds of Chinese zodiac animals. The 19th, please be sure to bring enough cure colds and gastrointestinal infection medicine and some other common medicine. To the United States drugstore is generally going to doctors' prescriptions. To the hospital to see small, is not very convenient also very expensive! Above is VIPU international Supply Chain to bring you new immigrants before entry into the United States, need to understand the life common sense, of course, is only part of the common sense. Finally, the most important thing is: he want to inquire about more, more trust compatriots to discuss with you.
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