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Logistics to the United States customs clearance form of 3299 guidelines

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
The United States as an immigrant country, easy clearance. But after the 911 event, customs inspection becomes more and more frequent, the document is also more and more. Before the goods of shipment, we will send AMS and ISF information for the customer to us customs. When we declare to the customs at the same time, the customer need to fill in the form and 3299 3299 supplementary form. Our logistics consulting and supervising commissioner will guide you how to fill in. You can refer to the following our production sample or call 400 - directly 012 - 5052 answers for you. For private goods imported in the United States, provides loose exemption conditions: 1. A reasonable items. 2. Have Canadian citizenship, citizenship, American green card, or more than one year work visa. 3. A recent years have lived in China. To have been living in the United States for a long time, did not return customers recently, according to the different requirements of state customs, may apply for exemption. 【 3299 】 clearance form 【 3299 】 clearance form 【 3299 supplementary form 】 【 3299 supplementary form 】
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