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Logistics abroad about pets check in common sense and matters needing attention

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Economic conditions good, now more and more people keeping pets. Moreover, with the progress of people's thoughts, the pet as a member of the family, no matter where it is logistics also want to take away together. Some customers need immigrants logistics abroad, so pet immigrants to what to formalities deal with? VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for your action: the entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau tells us that the test is free, as long as the master to carry the quarantine certificate and vaccination certificate, to store your cell phone on the picture of the dog, and his id card and passport show me, and the scene is described to the dog. Everything goes well in the veterinary health certificate, the dog dog can set his mind at to go abroad, is general certificate in a foreign country. As for the animal quarantine certificates, must be to the entry and exit quarantine bureau designated vaccinated animal hospital. Because effective vaccine will take time, if it is never of cats and dogs vaccinated to take a shot, a month before going abroad on a plane again one week before a shot. Animals such as dogs and cats now not much abroad, this year probably dozens of cases, or back into the country from abroad, is many international students have a holiday would bring a pet home. To summarise, the dog dog to go through the formalities of going abroad: one is to the entry and exit quarantine bureau designated vaccinated animal hospital, never to be vaccinated to play one month in advance, and then go through the certificate of approval of quarantine inspection and vaccination certificate. Second, before you go to the inspection and quarantine inspection, free, take the two certificate and my id card and passport, veterinary health certificate. 3 it is to buy a ticket, contact the airlines, they will tell you how much charge. Had better make a special pet box. Fourth, do remember to airlines 72 hours in advance booking, otherwise, cannot be boarding. In addition, different countries, entry of your pet has different rules. Must first understand the provisions of the importing country, so as to avoid detours. At present the most strict country is Australia, New Zealand, Britain, Japan, etc. , followed by the United States, Canada, Thailand, South Korea and other countries more relaxed. Some countries also require entry of ranging from 1 to 6 months after the separation of time, but the United States, Canada, Singapore and other countries do not need isolation.
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