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LiuXueZhe close above us checked 2 square experience

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Recently saw a lot of favorite has been preparing to study abroad study abroad bring so many things to do good, as has the study abroad experience a n experienced person, today I'd like to share how two parties I went to the luggage is checked in the past. Since college, I have to prepare for studying abroad, finally in the sophomore year finally got the admission notice of a university of California, I feel very happy, but a very real problem lies ahead. I went to study in the luggage to do, didn't pick up his own private things, mom has been helping me prepare for several luggage, this call I how to is good. On the Internet, the fee is not a small number. Of these two things have to spend 10000 yuan or so. And the most headaches, when the destination through customs there will be a lot of problems. Think of this, are all afraid of it himself. It would be better with a few pieces of luggage, the other will come on later. But mom said this how line, the American side of things and expensive, and don't know how to use. Think mom said is right, but I myself a person really can't take that much. Suddenly in a few days before I'm ready to go to the United States, heard a friend said one of his friends to go to Canada to study, with a lot of things. Sea transportation, but are international logistics lp shipped, thousands of pieces of freight is ok. Once I listen to, wish, isn't it, have so cheap. Then continue to inquire about, just know originally found his friend called VIPU international logistics lp of Supply Chain. I'm curious, Internet search, found the original is more than ten years experience in logistics company, and we have branches all over the country. Then I looked at the home page of the above, then there is an online service personnel to find my chat. I talked with her curiously, she is very warmly with me answer about my question, I finally let her checked the goods to me to quote a price. To my surprise, as I checked from Beijing to the United States, California, door to door service for all the 5 or 6 thousands went, and I don't need to do anything during operation. Suddenly I feel relieved, only the thousands of pieces, my study abroad can so easily. Because we don't have much time away from the entrance, I immediately call VIPU Supply Chain company here in Beijing, and then discuss the loading. Soon, the two sides have reached a consensus. Then VIPU Supply Chain here in Beijing soon and I offer door to door relocation service contract, and then I arranged for packaging and delivery, transport matters. I bring cheerful and relaxed mood to the American side, less than 25 days, my luggage was duly arrived my dormitory doorway. And open it is intact. Really appreciate VIPU Supply Chain service do for me, let me study abroad trip so relaxed and happy.
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