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Large-size logistics will first achieve online

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-26
   As the small and medium-sized express delivery market matures and its growth rate slows down, the large-sized logistics market will become the next battlefield and competition will intensify. On July 16, the analysis meeting on the development situation of bulk logistics sponsored by the China Water Resources and Electricity Material Circulation Association was held in Beijing. He Dengcai, vice chairman of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, pointed out that the bulk logistics transportation volume does not account for the entire logistics industry. Large, but it plays a vital role in the construction of the country’s heavy equipment and super projects. 'In recent years, with the efforts of industry associations and member units, government departments have gradually increased their support for bulk logistics, and the business environment of bulk logistics has continued to be optimized. It has a good development prospect: first, a comprehensive and multi-perspective approach. Demand capturing power; second, intelligent and networked continuous innovation; third, market-oriented and global brand influence; fourth, the core competitiveness of the supply chain and value chain.” He Dengcai said.

Different links in the value chain of the bulk industry are a market with a scale of 100 billion yuan, but bulk products focus on quality and experience. In the unbounded retail era, the bulk industry will become one of the first industries to achieve online and offline integration, greatly enhancing the consumer experience . He Dengcai believes that China's large-scale logistics industry has a small proportion and a large role; two, not many enterprises, more private enterprises; third, a lot of equipment, less intensive; fourth, lack of information and lack of connectivity; fifth, lack of hierarchy High, high policy.

   Regarding the development trend of large-scale logistics, He Dengcai summarized it with the twelve words: 'Gao Da Shang', 'Tolerant Lian', 'Digital Intelligence' and 'Extremely Strong'. That is, the development quality is “high”, the shipments are “large”, the service requirements are “high”, the service items are “wide”, the upstream enterprises are “integrated”, the ecological joint construction is “connected”, the resource integration is “number”, and the operation mode is “smart”. ', kinetic energy conversion 'transformation', special fields 'emergency', global layout 'outside', development goals 'strong'.

   In fact, whether it is self-built logistics or tripartite logistics, if you want to gain an advantage in the competition, the core lies in having a complete logistics network layout, the ability to build products and guarantee timeliness. As the industry matures, in the future, large-scale logistics will gradually form a multi-platform collaborative development model of solution platforms, supply chain platforms, and installation platforms. The platforms collaborate and promote each other to complete full-link and visual services to consumers.
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