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Jiangxi accelerates the development of cold chain logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-15
The reporter learned yesterday that Jiangxi Province will promote the healthy and standardized development of the cold chain logistics industry, speed up the construction of a “full chain, networked, strict standards, traceable, new model, high efficiency” modern cold chain logistics system to protect fresh agricultural products and Food consumption safety.

Establish and improve the cold chain logistics service system

The reporter learned that Jiangxi Province will coordinate the formulation of local standards for cold chain logistics in accordance with the national cold chain logistics standards, and implement temperature control standards for fresh meat, aquatic products, milk and dairy products, frozen foods, and refrigeration temperature zone standards. Enterprises and the public provide high-quality cold chain logistics standardized information services. At the same time, it will guide the logistics industry association to establish a cold chain logistics standardization technical professional committee to study and formulate group standards that are conducive to market development and innovation.

At the same time, Jiangxi Province will strictly implement the national temperature monitoring performance evaluation and inspection regulations for refrigerated transport vehicles, study and establish cold chain logistics service management standards for the important management links of cold chain logistics, and support cold chain logistics enterprises to participate in the pilot demonstration of logistics standardization.

Planning a batch of cold chain logistics parks in Nanchang

Jiangxi Province will scientifically plan and build a number of cold chain logistics parks, bases and centers based on the development layout of agricultural production and transportation logistics in various regions, combined with the needs of our province's characteristic superior agricultural product cold chain, and gradually establish a cold chain covering the province's main agricultural product production and consumption areas. Chain logistics infrastructure network. In important logistics node cities such as Nanchang, Jiujiang and Ganzhou, a number of cold chain logistics parks will be upgraded or planned to be built, and comprehensive logistics parks will be encouraged to increase investment in cold chain logistics infrastructure.

At the same time, all localities are encouraged to provide certain financial subsidies for the construction of pre-cooling, fresh-keeping, primary processing infrastructure in production areas with special agricultural products such as pigs, cattle, sheep, poultry, fruits and vegetables according to the actual agricultural production, and to speed up the completion of agricultural production 'One kilometer first' short board will raise the level of the entire chain of primary processing of agricultural products, and achieve effective integration of product production, processing, circulation and consumption.

Or set up a cold chain transportation route at Changbei Airport

Jiangxi Province will vigorously promote advanced cold chain logistics concepts and technologies, accelerate the cultivation of a batch of advanced concepts such as specialization, branding, and socialization, and support modern production technologies such as the Internet, the Internet of Things, and big data to connect important production and sales Local leading cross-region cold chain logistics enterprises encourage qualified cold chain logistics enterprises to share resources in infrastructure, production capacity, design and research and development with agricultural products, large-scale food production, processing and distribution companies.

At the same time, promote the integrated development of the Internet and cold chain logistics industry, develop 'Internet +' cold chain logistics, and cultivate a new cold chain logistics management model and business model. Encourage urban chain operation enterprises, large wholesale enterprises and cold chain logistics enterprises to use their own facilities to provide socialized cold chain logistics services and carry out 'cold chain common distribution', 'fresh food e-commerce + cold chain home delivery', 'central kitchen + food cold' Chain distribution ''fresh food production base + cold chain logistics' and other business model innovations, optimize the cold chain circulation organization, and promote the cold chain logistics service to the high end of the value chain.

In addition, railway logistics enterprises will be encouraged to participate in long-distance, large-scale cold chain transportation, cold chain logistics enterprises will be introduced in the backbone railway logistics park to construct cold storage facilities, and the complementary and coordinated development of railway and highway cold chain logistics will be promoted. Agricultural products cold chain transportation trains are studying to open cold chain transportation routes at Changbei International Airport.

Guide social capital to invest in cold chain logistics

In accordance with the requirements of simplifying administration and decentralization, combining decentralization with management, and optimizing services, on the basis of ensuring the orderly development of the industry and the standardized operation of the market, it will further simplify the administrative approval procedures for the establishment and operation of cold chain logistics enterprises, and actively promote 'more The reform of the registration system of “one certificate for one certificate, one for one code” promotes the sharing of basic enterprise information and related credit information among departments in a wider and deeper level, and realizes the “one collection, one file management, and department sharing” of the same information. Innovative application of electronic business license in the field of cold chain logistics, and gradually expand the scope of application.

At the same time, the “single window” construction of international trade and the “one-stop” operation of the port will be promoted to realize the “information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision, and mutual assistance in law enforcement” between the various departments of the port of the cold chain cargo customs clearance, which will provide cold chain logistics The enterprise provides 7×24-hour customs clearance service to effectively improve the customs clearance efficiency of cold chain goods.

In addition, it will encourage and guide social capital to invest in the field of cold-chain logistics, increase the support of policy-based credit products such as 'Caiyuan Credit Link' to cold-chain logistics enterprises, and take the opportunity of the country's pilot of cross-regional agricultural product circulation infrastructure construction, Give full play to the guiding role of financial funds and drive social capital to expand investment in the cold chain logistics industry.
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