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How to price Amazon fba shipment?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-07
How to price Amazon fba shipment? What are the pricing details of Amazon FBA products? Let's follow the editor to have a look! I hope to help everyone. For sellers who choose Amazon FBA to deliver goods, it should be noted that FBA will incur head-to-head transportation costs and expenses related to using FBA warehouses, so sellers also need to calculate these expenses into the cost, for the pricing of Amazon FBA products, some people have summarized the following formula: Amazon FBA products General pricing formula: fba product price = ( Product cost fba initial cost fba cost)x (1 profit)/(1-Commission) Among them, product cost: production, promotion, taxation, labor and other costs and commissions: Amazon charges different commissions for different categories, generally at 8%- 15% fba initial cost: logistics transportation fee, customs clearance fee and other pricing details of Amazon FBA products: of course, sellers must first determine the positioning of their own products before pricing the products, whether your products are suitable for low-cost or high-profit routes, the pricing strategy of the products is definitely different depending on the route you choose. Of course, at different stages of the products, the pricing is also different. For example: 1. When new products are put on shelves, new products are put on shelves, with no favorable comments, no star rating and no fan users. At this time, the products are almost in an uncompetitive state, at this time, if the price of the product is set to be the same as that of the mature seller, your product is definitely not competitive. To this end, at this stage, the price should be set lower, but the attention can not be set too low, so that buyers misunderstand that your product is fake, underestimate the value of your product, at this time, you can use the above formula to calculate, and then leave less profit space, first do sales, cultivate a good experience for buyers, get praise, and accumulate customers. 2. When the product grows, the products at this stage have certain sales volume, favorable comments and other indicators. The sales volume of the products is in an upward stage. At this time, buyers can choose to raise prices appropriately, however, it is still necessary to control the price in a lower range than the competitors in order to accumulate more customers. 3. When the product is mature, the stable sales volume, ranking, traffic and star rating, the product performance in the whole stage exceeds the average seller, and has accumulated a certain popularity in the market, at this time, the price comparison function of products has begun to weaken, and more starts to represent the brand's image and positioning. Therefore, all price increases can be started in pricing, raise the price higher than the market price, and your loyal buyers will not leave because of the price. 4. When products are in recession, some products will enter a recession period after they are hot in the market, and some products will not be able to do well in the market. At this time, the demand for products in the market will begin to decline, sales and profits are not as good as before, you can start low-cost processing, clearance, full reduction, discounts, postage and other preferential activities. Amazon FBA product pricing tips, don't forget the cost of FBA, make good use of the number '9' marketing heart, pay attention to differential pricing, pay attention to market demand, timely price adjustment, of course, in the absence of special circumstances, the price of the product is not recommended to be frequently modified.
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