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How to handle cargo pickup

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
 1. The consignee presents the cargo pick-up page or the arrival notice with his ID card or other valid ID to pick up the cargo (if the unit is to collect the goods, a letter of introduction with the unit's official seal should be issued together)

   2. When the consignee entrusts others to pick up the goods, he should pick up the goods with the valid identity documents of the consignee and the consignee on the freight bill

   3. The consignee should go to the pick-up office designated by the air cargo company to go through the pick-up procedures and be responsible for all due expenses

  4. The consignee shall collect the goods after signing the air waybill and the cargo collection record

   5. When the consignee picks up the goods, he should check the goods face-to-face, and find that the goods are missing, short, contaminated, damaged or delayed in arrival, etc., please raise an objection to the relevant freight department

   6. If the consignee picks up the goods and signs on the freight bill without raising an objection, it shall be deemed that the goods have been delivered intact according to the contract of carriage.
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