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How to choose the international logistics to Canada on logistics lp

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Immigrants to Canada after, just thinking of the domestic furniture also moved to Canada's new home together, move a little pins and needles, so can only find international logistics lp, but often be & other; Money pit & throughout; Phenomenon, after all, it is not a very experienced international logistics, so how to choice of international logistics lp to avoid fraud, the following VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of small make up to simple about it. A, see if there is a formal international logistics lp first to see the club's official website, the logistics is formal, in how to look at the official website of the company to do sample, ever registered in relevant departments of the kingdom. Some cheater company that no website! Website is formal, common belongs to strength strong that one! Website not less formal, update frequency and ordinary are less or no website cheater company, please note! Second, the service attitude is more important in the days of looking for logistics lp, we must see, dobby, more consultation. We spend looking for logistics lp, they just have to move things, more to see the quality of their service, so looking for logistics lp, must choose good reputation, to see if it business qualifications, the management of formal company. According to their own needs to choose the service project. At the same time, pay attention to receive a person's work attitude, enthusiasm and service. Three, logistics lp about prices in everybody's most concerned about price, in the original and international logistics lp to discuss, don't begin bargaining, so you're logistics lp is difficult to achieve unity on the price. About going on a three logistics lp, at this moment your price for logistics will have a certain understanding, clear about their situation, and then according to these price comparison, get a ideal price, do you have in mind in this price basis, with international logistics lp to negotiate the price. In this way, you for the price also have a heart end, will not be they slaughter. And international logistics lp will think you are a veteran, not the couple, they also can take out the favorable price, for you to choose them. Four, is there any hidden charges. Although many logistics lp will plain code marks a price, but at the time of the actual logistics, there may be a hidden fees, there is no hidden charges, formal logistics lp there would be no additional fees or industry rules. And will sign a formal contract logistics, and planning the rights and obligations of both parties, including the total price, when the logistics, logistics guarantee on both sides, won't appear the phenomenon of chaos. Five, should include logistics insurance business about international logistics insurance is a must, good packaging, civilization and careful handling, 100% did all this, even accidents and accidents are often unavoidable, because the international logistics cycle is long, long distance transportation, transit times, this time buying international logistics risk guarantee service will come in handy, please reference in detail about international logistics insurance VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to provide the price of the insurance and claim for compensation. Six essential things, logistics can be told to improve the efficiency of logistics, international logistics lp and customer joint effort, after the agreement, need logistics lp with customers to determine a specific logistics time, and before reaching the logistics time, to seriously completion of the packaging of the item. Packing efficiency is higher, the less time consumption, so as to provide the conditions to win the precious time. Logistics workers to package transportation, and workers have to face to check whether good item intact, and told the workers need some attention and be careful for the items. When the goods arrived in Canada's new house, also want to check something on the spot in touch if there is a pit, if there is damage, it is the responsibility of the logistics lp, let them with accordingly, after the check for the invoice or receipt. In the process of logistics, not only to watch the item to a new home, there are still some issues need our attention. In logistics, the participants in the home, don't be angry, be sure to open happy heart, bring an atmosphere of joy into a new home. In the furniture before moving into a new home, must be clean, new home at the same time also to clean. Things moved into the house also should according to their order, first the kitchen, in the electronic products, the last is some household items. In a comfortable home environment, not only is the guarantee of the life that occupy the home, good move a home, can bring more happiness and a good blessing. Properly kept. In the event of dispute, consumers can complain accordingly, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. In addition, improve the efficiency of logistics, need to fully understand the logistics process, customers can fully understand the specific logistics logistics lp steps, can complete the goods in the shortest possible time handling. If logistics lp packaging items to delay time, not only affect the logistics lp provide services for other customers, and lead to the customer's waste of time. Only logistics lp agreed with customer in advance, in suitable for finish goods packaging, can shorten the time of the logistics cost, logistics cost time is less, the higher the efficiency of the logistics.
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