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Hong Kong DHL you have to know the difference between DHL and China! _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-18
China DHL, Hong Kong DHL, etc. , in this process, the customer with the mainland to Hong Kong DHL DHL said very puzzled, what's the difference between the two? Mainland China DHL, DHL company is joint venture with sinotrans company, self-proclaimed: DHL. Incorporated in Hong Kong, DHL company DHL international. Daily use DHL, and in order to distinguish between Hong Kong DHL, DHL and the mainland domestic commonly so, we'll call Hong Kong DHL:; Hong Kong DHL" 。 Because China domestic DHL are joint institutions, the mainland and the domestic and international express business still belongs to monopoly industries, plus domestic freight resources is not developed, so the mainland DHL price is relatively high. And Hong Kong as an international freight transit and competitiveness is relatively large, so the Hong Kong DHL price is low. Domestic general as we get the DHL express, there will be a single number, can inquire on the DHL official website immediately, and if send DHL in Hong Kong, it must go through in order to generate the awb, can undertake waybill query in DHL's official website, also can be in DHL's official website according to the original number; According to the sender information query & throughout; , once the goods by DHL, other shipping time, insurance clause basic, there is no any difference between the two. After the cargo to DHL, the security and the risk of the basic is no different, but because of the Hong Kong DHL by mainland China agent company agent deliver the cargo to Hong Kong DHL, so, as long as the alternative normal agency, little risk. Fast pass makes money when the user experience, more than ten years rich experience just to let you eat, the consummation service for the goods is enough fast enough, can choose a variety of ways to let customers, international logistics become more simple.
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