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FBA head shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-19
FBA head shipping:

With the fiery Amazon FBA market in recent years, many freight forwarding companies have begun to transform to do cross-border e-commerce logistics, but the market as a whole is not yet mature.

The most popular logistics method for Amazon sellers in the FBA first-order market is sea transportation, which has a low cost, only 2-3% of the cost of air transportation, but the sea transportation cycle is long and the process is many. If there is no professional operation team, it is likely to bring sellers To a greater loss. For ocean shipping, Qianmo recommends that customers choose the single ticket mode. Single ticket declaration, customs clearance, and single ticket delivery can track the status of their goods throughout the journey, without worrying about the customs clearance of the goods being inspected, lost, or damaged. Although the cost of a single ticket is a bit higher than the cost of collecting goods, everyone wants a stable and safe channel, which is not easy to operate. If you still need to spend energy on logistics, it is a bit of a loss.
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