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FBA head journey, the side you don’t know

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-18
I have been doing FBA first-way logistics for so long. At the beginning, our company opened a dedicated line and a small square shipping channel to cater for the business cravings. At the beginning, I felt that the volume was okay. Compare the market, take the dedicated line and small square There are a lot of sellers; but after walking for a while, it turns out that the guests come and go quickly; this is obviously not the purpose of our company;

We want to be friends with our customers and be mutually beneficial and win-win friends, we don’t want to be a vote for a guest;

Here is a brief talk about the pits you may encounter in the first course of FBA logistics, especially in dedicated lines and small square logistics;

1; volume; take the dedicated line, the easiest to make a fuss is the volume of the goods, casual length and width greater than 1-2CM. Your shipping cost will be several hundred more;

2; Specific gravity, when shipping to the US, it has a specific gravity of 1:200/1:363; that is, 1CBM is equal to 200KGS or 363kgs

Some freight forwarders will tell you that the specific gravity is 1;200 after you enter the warehouse. In this way, your 2CBM/500KGS shipment is 2.5CBM;
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