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FBA first course introduction

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-24
FBA Toucheng is synonymous with warehouse services from China to Amazon. It provides diversified and personalized first-course services for FBA sellers. You can directly use our express and air freight services to ship directly to Amazon warehouses; you can also ship them to overseas warehouses by sea or air freight for distribution, and send the goods to different Amazon warehouses.

Amazon FBA headway is not as simple as warehousing and delivery.
1. FBA service: also includes pre-sales, post-sales, return and exchange services for FBA orders.
2. The FBA headway refers to the transportation process of goods from the factory to the destination Amazon warehouse, including customs clearance and prepaid tariffs.

1. Diversified and suitable FBA first trips for all kinds of products: If you are in a hurry to replenish goods, you can use the express or air first trip; if you value the cost, you can use the sea first trip.

2. Personalization, reduce the risk of FBA inventory backlog caused by slow sales: The products stored in the FBA warehouse are associated with the account, and the same product cannot be sold in multiple accounts. This may cause the same product to be sold out in some FBA warehouses, but at the same time it cannot be sold in another warehouse. The use of FBA first-haul overseas warehouses, and then transfer in batches, can effectively avoid the above risks and help you maximize profits.

3. Save the cost of the first trip: The first shipping service of domestic FBA logistics is specially designed for B2C cross-border e-commerce sellers. Compared with the traditional shipping LCL service, the shipping volume is lower and the charging items are more concise. The cost is lower, which can help you greatly reduce the cost of FBA heading.

4. Assist in customs clearance and reduce the risk of customs clearance: Using FBA to head overseas companies will assist you in completing customs clearance and prevent the high return cost of the goods being forcibly returned.
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