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FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-03-03
This article will give you a detailed introduction to Amazon FBA, which is mainly divided into the following five parts to introduce: 1. What is Amazon FBA 2. Why choose Amazon FBA 3. How to use Amazon FBA 4. Amazon FBA specific shipping process 5. Amazon FBA fees What is Amazon FBA? Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a logistics and distribution service provided by Amazon. Specifically, the seller sends the inventory of products sold on Amazon directly to the warehouse in the Amazon local market. When the customer places an order, the Amazon system automatically completes the follow-up Ship. Why choose Amazon FBA With Amazon FBA, you can transfer complicated logistics and logistics to Amazon, save yourself a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, and fully expand your global sales business. The specific advantages of Amazon FBA are as follows: [Improve product sales:] After joining Amazon FBA, the exposure and competitiveness of products will be improved. Your products will benefit from Amazon Prime, free shipping (for eligible products), and many other benefits that will help increase product sales and increase your competitiveness. [International Sales:] You can expand your business to international markets and sell your products to millions of potential new buyers in all Amazon stores. You simply publish inventory from a seller account and Amazon FBA will ship your products to buyers everywhere. [Benefit from Amazon's 24/7 customer service:] After using Amazon FBA, Amazon will provide buyers with its highly praised 24/7 customer service in the local language of each Amazon store where you sell your products. [Fulfill orders from other channels:] Amazon FBA can use your inventory stored in Amazon fulfillment centers to fulfill orders from other sales channels. You will manage your inventory through a simple online user interface and you can instruct us to return the inventory at any time. [Uninterrupted sales, easy to enjoy holidays:] With the Amazon FBA holiday settings, you can continue to sell even during vacations! [Other:] Your buyers can also enjoy more and more other convenient services, such as gift wrapping and 'timed delivery' for next day delivery. How to use Amazon FBA services When you register your product for sale on Amazon, you also automatically register for Amazon FBA. Choose Amazon FBA as your shipping method and start publishing your products. You can also convert existing inventory to Amazon FBA inventory. When adding a new product, please click 'I want Amazon to distribute the products I sell and provide customer service' under [Shipping Method] on the offer details page. That's all you need to get started with Amazon FBA. Reminder: You can also convert existing Amazon inventory to FBA inventory. The specific operations are as follows: 1. On the Amazon Managed Inventory page, select the items you want to sell through Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA). 2. From the [Action] drop-down menu, select [Convert to 'Amazon Fulfillment']. 3. If you want to continue creating the shipment, click [Convert and send inventory]. If you want to continue adding inventory and create shipments later, click [Convert Only]. Fourth, Amazon FBA specific shipping process 1.Operation steps before Amazon FBA shipment Step 1: Convert inventory to Amazon fulfillment on the seller's platform Step two: create your first delivery Set product delivery quantity Ready to ship Label your products Inventorying goods for delivery Step 3: Boxing, labeling the shipment (boxed product), packing and shipping 2. Choose the FBA plan that works for you Amazon FBA Standard Plan: Applies to products that are 144 inches by 96 inches by 96 inches or weigh less than 150 pounds. Amazon FBA Small and Light Product Program: The Amazon FBA Small and Light Product Program is a fast-moving, small and light product delivery solution that typically costs less than $ 15. The program provides free standard shipping (4-8 business days) to all Amazon buyers, whether they are Prime members or not, and deliver eligible products to anywhere in the United States. The Light Goods Program is designed to reduce the fast-moving light and small goods distribution fees so that you can give your savings to buyers. The program is targeted at qualified ASINs who meet the following eligibility criteria: Weighs less than or equal to 1 pound; 16x9x4 inches or less; and Price is below $ 15. In general, the Amazon FBA process is: first the seller sends the product to the Amazon fulfillment center, then Amazon stores and manages your product, and when the customer orders your product, Amazon picks up and packs the product and provides fast delivery. Customer service and returns in local languages V. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Amazon FBA supports flexible payment models: With FBA, you only pay for the services you use. No subscription fees, contracts or minimum inventory requirements. Just ship your product to Amazon's fulfillment center and pay for fulfillment services and storage used. Note: FBA fees vary from site to site What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process 1. FBA performance fee FBA fulfillment fee is a fixed fee paid per unit based on product type, size and weight. It's common to use Amazon's fulfillment fee calculator to understand the cost-effectiveness of selling products with FBA. FBA Small and Light is an Amazon product solution for small, fast-moving, lightweight products that cost less than £ 9 What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process 2. Storage fee Pay for the space used to store items in the Amazon FBA Center. Storage fees are based on daily cubic feet of average daily volume and vary between low season (January to September) and high season (October to December). What is Amazon FBA? FBA Concepts & Charge Standards & Detailed Delivery Process If you want to view the FBA cost details of an FBA product, you can view it in the following ways: Go to the Amazon inventory management page and search for the corresponding product. Click the amount under Fee Preview in the list. Click Show FBA fulfillment fee details in the pop-up page to view specific FBA fee details.
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