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During the outbreak, international transportation need to pay attention to what issues?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
New coronavirus infection severe pneumonia outbreak, many friends will checked personal items to go abroad or home, maybe there are some questions, this time, my things can also shipped? Answers here, VIPU Supply Chain small make up for you during the outbreak of the international logistics problems need attention. 1, my personal items can also be repatriated? Will not be affected by the outbreak of? More serious at present domestic outbreak, but overseas and not affected by how much, normal closed box and send box or can be, if you have related requirements can be consulting VIPU Supply Chain customer orders. 2, then my personal items when will it arrive? As the recent outbreak of development, so the actual delivery time and delivery of city will be changing, however, in the case of if you can send and VIPU Supply Chain will be the first time to inform you that on the premise of ensuring security, can make an appointment to send time with you. 3, in the process of transportation, items will be polluted? Whether you need to disinfect after received? VIPU packaging material Supply Chain are specially designed for long time storage and long-distance transportation, durable, moisture-proof mouldproof. Also special adhesive tape, can bear the cold heat. In addition, the spread of the virus at present mainly through two channels: they are transmitted and spread by close contact with patients, at the same time, the world health organization said: China sent parcel is safe, because the virus does not in luggage and letters on the surface of long-term survival. As a result, the spread of the virus checked items by very low risk, in order to ensure the safety of your goods after devanning, must remember to wash hands thoroughly. 4, I have been abroad, whether can entrust domestic friends help me to send my luggage? What procedure to need? Can, you need to provide the domestic friend contact to VIPU Supply Chain service, confirmed already make good packing list, no packaging banned exports, can put the luggage in the safe place, we will send someone the door pick up the goods, or send items to VIPU Supply Chain warehouse, and then focus on shipment. Details can be consulting VIPU Supply Chain international hotline or WeChat customer service. 5, because of the outbreak, now I can't buy tickets to go abroad, could you please send me the packing material first, wait me itinerary, you again to pick up the goods? This is possible and VIPU with free carton and packaging material Supply Chain, in addition to the packaging no time limit. If you have needs, can show a case and the personnel of the service, make an appointment to packaging cartons and boxes, waiting for you to determine the schedule and we can come to pick up the goods. 6, VIPU international logistics service Supply Chain processes is how? ( 1) Place an order online or contact us, the early stage of the communication, VIPU consultant will according to the situation of Supply Chain, logistics mode and route and schedule information, provide solution and quotation. ( 2) According to VIPU Supply Chain to provide the second communication scheme and quotation, after confirmation of order, signed the international logistics transport contract, confirm the shipment information, such as VIPU Supply Chain within the agreed time of goods to arrange packing team to packing, the carton. ( 3) VIPU Supply Chain consultant according to the customer to provide the relevant certificates, assist of packing list and so on, according to customs declaration, ensure smooth release of the goods at the customs. ( 4) According to the contract after arrival at the port of destination to provide the basis of different/value-added services, including the port of destination customs clearance, delivery, demolition of packaging materials, put the goods to the specified location, rubbish, etc. More than a decade, city international logistics has for the majority of immigrants, students, teachers, with foreign companies in China and abroad, providing the most professional international transport solutions, such as customer's trust and praise. Faced with such serious outbreak, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of the personnel of the service using the model of online office and online via WeChat, 24-hour hotline, web services, providing customers with comparable 'immersive' remote valuation and packaging instruction, thus reducing staff face to face, let your international logistics worry more peace of mind!
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