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Do you know the contraband and special items in air cargo?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Air cargo prohibited items

1. Various weapons, simulated weapons, ammunition and explosives;

2. Counterfeit currency and counterfeit securities;

3. Printed matter, film, photos, records, movies, audio tapes, video tapes, laser discs, computer storage media and other items harmful to Chinese politics, economy, culture, and morals;

4. Various potent poisons;

5. Psychotropic drugs;

6. Foods, medicines or other items that hinder the health of humans and animals, come from epidemic areas, and can spread diseases.

Special goods transportation
1. Living animals and plants (or animal and plant products) ---- Animal and plant quarantine certificates issued by animal and plant quarantine stations are required. Note: China Southern Airlines emergency warehouse does not accept live animals and plants, they should be delivered to the cargo desk and China Southern Airlines will bill.

2. Narcotic drugs ---- Narcotics transportation certificate issued by the Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health is required.

3. Audio and video products ---- The audio and video products transportation and delivery certificate issued by the Provincial Social and Cultural Management Committee Office is required.

4. Canned liquids and powdered items ---- Proof of the nature of the items required by the manufacturer.

5. Seafood――Different seafood boxes are needed in different places. China Southern Airlines and Baiyun Airport have to use their designated special boxes respectively. Foam boxes alone cannot be installed on the machine. Carton boxes and straps must be added.

6. The glass must be ordered in a closed wooden box and a tripod.

7. Prohibited goods-explosives (such as explosives), compressed gas and hydraulic gas (such as gas), flammable and explosive liquids or solids, oxidants and organic peroxides (table tennis), drugs and infectious substances ( Such as white powder), radioactive materials, corrosive materials (such as sulfuric acid), magnetic materials, narcotics, batteries, etc.;

Packaging and marking
1. The packaging of the goods should ensure that the goods will not be damaged, lost, or leaked during transportation, and will not damage or contaminate aircraft equipment or other items.

2. It is not allowed to carry prohibited or restricted items, dangerous goods, valuables, confidential documents and materials in the package of goods.

3. Goods that are precise, fragile, shock-proof, pressure-sensitive, and non-invertible must have packaging measures and indication signs to prevent damage to the goods.

4. The shipper should indicate the departure station, arrival station, shipper and consignee’s unit, name and detailed address on the outer packaging of each piece of goods. When the shipper uses the old packaging, it must remove the dilapidated signs and stickers from the old packaging.

5. The packaging of special goods such as live animals, fresh and perishable goods, valuables, etc. should meet the specific requirements of air transportation for various goods.
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