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Do Amazon well, don't understand how to play FBA

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-18
You can't get around FBA when engaging in cross-border e-commerce on the Amazon platform. Although Amazon does not force sellers to use FBA, there is no problem using other shipping methods. However, in terms of account maintenance and sales growth, you will be thrown out of the street without using FBA.

Once you decide to choose the Amazon platform, you have the determination to do well, and if you want to make achievements on this platform, you must use FBA. In addition to FBA's great advantages in terms of timeliness of delivery and customer service (detailed below), Amazon has a skewed traffic to sellers using FBA. The exposure of FBA's Listing is about 40% higher than that of self-delivery. High exposure High rate traffic generally means more orders.

FBA is a very important part of Amazon store operation. The consideration of FBA related matters should start from the selection of products!

FBA distribution advantages

1. Increase sales

Your product can become an Amazon Prime target product, Prime is an Amazon membership system, and posts with the Prime logo can attract Amazon members more;

Can be exempted from ordinary delivery fees;

Can make your posts appear more advanced in the search, thereby improving the possibility of closing;

Increase the share of buy box;

On the post details page, the shortest delivery time of Amazon Fulfillment and related Amazon Favourable Preferential Policies will be displayed; various payment methods are supported, such as convenience store payment, online banking payment, electronic currency payment, etc.

2. The world's leading logistics system helps sellers simplify their business

Open 365 days a year, 7x24 hours to process orders and deliveries;

Amazon has distribution centers all over the country, according to the product audience and sales areas, intelligently arrange your goods storage location, thereby further reducing the delivery time and cost;

Amazon customer service center helps sellers handle some customer service services after delivery, handle returns and refunds;

Gift packaging and card information packaging services.

3. Can be shipped through multiple channels

If you sell the same products on other platforms, you can use FBA inventory to send to customers who buy on other platforms.

4. Does not require any fixed cost and investment, simple operation

Anything has its pros and cons, and shipping with FBA will also have some drawbacks, such as a slightly higher cost, poor flexibility, and customers returning directly without communication. Therefore, what kind of product is most appropriate for FBA, the seller also has to consider.

So if you want to do Amazon well, you must understand FBA. The above is some introductions for you.
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