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Brief introduction of unit logistics implementation plan and process

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
First batch: logistics Time: Saturday, April 9, 2016 (completed in one day) logistics department: development office, integrated office, conference room logistics items: 1) all available laptops, desktop computers, servers, drinking water in the development office Computers, telephones, etc.; 2) All available laptops, desktop computers, servers, drinking fountains, printers, fax machines, photocopiers, telephones, etc. in the general office (only one person and one computer); all data cabinets And materials; four dark-colored desks; 3) meeting rooms: data cabinets, podium cabinets, table tennis tables, conference tables, etc.; logistics requirements: all items that need to be moved should be numbered and registered, including the computer case in use, Displays, keyboards, etc. must be affixed with the user’s personal name. The personal computer is responsible for the disassembly, assembly and adjustment of the personal computer; the data cabinet is emptied, locked, and data is boxed; the desk is emptied and locked; scattered items are boxed; do it now : 1) Preparation work will start immediately 2) Contact logistics company, find the price, and confirm 3) I don’t have enough points to buy 4) New office area electricity, water meter 5) Keys (door, small door, manager’s office door, etc.) 6) Five You don’t need to empty the cabinets. 7) Pay attention to the order-use the second batch of Shanghai VIPU Supply Chain International logistics company: logistics time: daily to be determined logistics department: manager's office logistics items: desks, chairs, sofas, bookcases, coffee tables, etc. ; Logistics requirements: all items that need to be moved should be numbered and registered. The third batch: logistics time, the day is to be determined. Logistics department: Development Department, General Department. Logistics Items: All available remaining items of the company (including warehouse items) and other logistics requirements: All items that need to be moved should be registered and registered, and those that are in use The computer case, monitor, keyboard, etc. must be affixed with the user's personal name, and the personal computer is responsible for disassembly, assembly, and adjustment. Questions and doubts to be approved: 1) Whether important content, documents, materials, etc. stored on the computers of the General Department and Development Department should be backed up, so as to avoid all uncertainties such as logistics bumps, natural or external factors causing data loss; 2) Whether it is necessary to find someone to remove the formaldehyde when the new site is renovated immediately; 3) If the development department and the general department move together, can a house be freed for temporary storage of the general department, it is recommended that the development department first move the general staff part first.
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