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Big bags shipped to the United States, how to choose the mode of transportation?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Immigration to the United States for the first time a friend or foreign students, total want to take some articles for daily use, but random check weight limitation, although the weight limit of different airlines is different, but in 16 - roughly 32 kg range, often also didn't bring enough, is overweight, and overweight fine very surprising. If the size is larger big luggage ( Such as furniture, piano, etc. ) Basically, airlines are not allowed to check it. So want to have big luggage shipped to the United States, how to choose the mode of transportation, spend the least money, the easiest way to complete the check in? The market way of baggage roughly classified into the following two types: one, need to do, always focus on the shipping way: 1, the random check. Disadvantages: has weight restrictions, in 16 - roughly 32 kg range, such as more than the scope, the cost would be astronomical. Some of the larger size, such as furniture, bicycles, etc. , most airlines will not be the carrier, this way of shipping need you claim your luggage at the airport, not to door service. Advantages: check in within the scope of the limit of heavy luggage, this is one of the most economical way. Suggestion: if you choose this shipping way, it is recommended that you bring something landing can use on the same day, such as commonly used kitchen utensils and appliances, quilt, bed sheets, etc. , in addition, like clothes, underwear, T-shirt, jacket, sports sneakers, etc can all year round on things, also can take in moderation. It is recommended that you don't use a suitcase and use good quality carton loading your baggage, because the cartons are light and space can be reasonable use. 2, sea or air services. Looking for shipping or air company directly, you will have baggage packing, will deliver the baggage to service point, by sea or air company shipped to the port or airport in the United States, you to your destination for customs clearance, customs clearance company pay handling charges, etc. , and finally to pick up the goods to your destination place. Disadvantages: slower, in the land of shipment and destination, you need to spend a larger effort to deal with your luggage, cumbersome, sometimes the port of destination charge even well beyond your budget. Advantages: relative to the air and Courier, sea freight is the cheapest one. Advice: if you have enough time and patience to deal with your luggage, or you know the destination of the various terms and procedures, you can try to choose this way. Second, just sitting at home, can enjoy the safe transport of a dragon checked way: choose this kind of shipping way easier, some companies also provide free boxes and packaging supplies, only you need to carry luggage, and pack them, all things are left to the shipping company to operate, only need to be home to sign for your baggage at the destination. 1, delivery - - As the name suggests, this approach is how quickly for you to take what is the mode of transport. Weakness: the landing for new immigrants to be carrying the weight of the luggage, Courier price is astronomical. Advantages: provide door to door service. After arrival advice: if you log in, important files or lighter items, forgot to carry the goods if you only 1 ~ 2 kg, you will find that choose to express this way is fast and economical. 2, professional freight forwarding company, door to door service - - All the formalities to entrust the forwarder company operation, in addition to all the freight tariffs and operating procedures are including in the quotation. The bad: choose shipping speed is slow. Advantage: if you can check in advance, or check some items must be used in the landing, there is no matter how time. This way of checking justifiably is the most valuable choice. Advice: you can choose according to your need to deliver goods to freight representative company, if you need to deliver furniture, you can consider the international logistics service, if you are just shipping clothes, books or some life must items, choose the professional private baggage transport company for you, is the first choice for economical and convenient. Optional by air or by sea. Big baggage into the U. S. note: 1, well checked baggage should be packed, tied up, luggage cannot be attached to the other items, bamboo basket, mesh bags, straw rope, sack cannot serve as outer packing materials, such as luggage to set forth the passenger name, detailed address and phone number. 2, entrainment is forbidden in checked baggage dangerous and prohibited item, alcohol with two bottles, important documents and data, foreign letters, securities, currencies, bills of exchange, precious, fragile and perishable articles and other articles need specialist care, clip into the baggage check. 3, the us government regulation, in logs, or not processed timber packing has strict rules, must be in the original exporter for fumigation, and show me admit fumigation certificate, importing countries can accept the goods. Otherwise, the fine or the goods back to the original exporter. Try not to use wooden cases is recommended to save cost. 4, if you checked the camera, the computer higher-value goods, please attach the original invoice, so that when the destination clearance as personal items to avoid tariffs; If there is no invoice, is the world famous brand products and items, suggest to carry to go abroad, shipper is not recommended. Most American immigrants want to try to take the luggage, after all, most people log in after a period of time is no income. But it is different from person to person again, hope the above information can help you out of the baggage of confusion, to deal with the difficulties you luggage, with the happy mood to meet new life in the foreign country!
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