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Basic conditions of cargo container transportation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
Containerized cargo transportation is a modern transportation method in which containers are used as transport units for cargo transportation. It is suitable for ocean transportation, railway transportation and international multimodal transportation. It is a new and advanced modern transportation. It can transport A large number of goods are packed into a special container and transported directly from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse, implementing 'door-to-door' transportation; the goods can be picked up and delivered to home, railway, water transportation, highway, etc. Air combined transportation.

The basic conditions of cargo container transportation?

(1) All types of containers are transported between container handling stations of the same type. In addition to transporting self-provided containers at the handling stations of the same type, they can also be transported between special lines approved by the railway bureau. Container handling The station name is announced in the ``Railway Freight Odometer''.

(2) The following goods cannot be shipped in general railway containers:

1. Goods that are easy to contaminate and corrode the box, such as cement, carbon black, fertilizer, salt, grease, raw fur, animal bones, paint without tree mats, etc.

2. Goods that are easy to damage the box, such as pig iron blocks, scrap steel, unpackaged castings and metal blocks, etc.

3.Fresh goods.

4. Dangerous goods.

(3) The total weight of the consigned container shall not exceed the total marked weight of the container. The total weight of the 20-foot container shall not exceed the maximum lifting capacity of the station.

(4) Containers are not handled for military transportation. If troops or military enterprises handle container transportation, it shall be handled as commercial transportation. For military transportation, self-provided containers shall not be handled according to the container transportation conditions.
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