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The difference between emergency logistics and

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-13
With the development of the 2020 epidemic, the term 'emergency logistics' has frequently appeared in the public's eyes. However, due to the lack of understanding of the industry, many users question: 'What are the differences between emergency logistics and general logistics?' What is emergency logistics? Emergency logistics refers to a special logistics activity that provides emergency protection for the needs of materials, personnel, and funds in response to serious natural disasters, public health emergencies, public safety incidents, and military conflicts. The word 'emergency' in emergency logistics itself has a certain military color, but emergency logistics is not equivalent to military logistics. Military logistics is highly prescriptive, especially when war breaks out, always putting military interests first. The emergency logistics system should be guided by social interests and serve the people in the affected areas. Emergency logistics generally has the characteristics of suddenness, weak economy, uncertainty, and non-conventionality. In most cases, logistics efficiency is achieved through logistics efficiency, while ordinary logistics emphasizes both efficiency and efficiency. At present, emergency logistics in China has its own characteristics. Its performance is as follows: the government attaches great importance to the active participation of enterprises; the military and civilians cooperate with each other, and the military has a strong assault force; they usually have preparations in place and plan exercises in place. What is ordinary logistics? Ordinary logistics is the process of physically moving goods from the place of supply to the place of reception. According to actual needs, it combines the functions of transportation, storage, loading and unloading, packaging, distribution processing, distribution, and information processing to achieve user requirements. Third, the difference between emergency logistics and general logistics Emergency logistics is a special case of general logistics activities, which has characteristics that are different from general logistics activities: 1. Suddenness and unpredictability: This is one of the most obvious characteristics that emergency logistics is different from general logistics; 2. Randomness of emergency logistics demand: Emergency logistics is the logistics demand for emergency events, and the randomness of emergency logistics demand is mainly due to the uncertainty of emergency events; 3. The urgency of time constraints; 4. Peak performance; 5. Weak economy: ordinary logistics emphasizes both the efficiency of logistics and the benefits of logistics, while emergency logistics in many cases completes the realization of its logistics benefits through the realization of logistics efficiency; 6. Unconventional; 7. Participation of the government and the market.
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