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The basic of international maritime container freight freight

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Basic freight of international maritime container freight: basic freight collecting container, the shipping company's freight the tariff or ship company. At present, VIPU Supply Chain will increase international logistics co. , LTD. According to the routes, and box, have container cargo tariff. For the whole case goods in the form of a box rate, the commodity shall be implemented for specific routes and box of the box the rate will increase, or both according to box box rate only. For LCL goods, is charged according to the goods varieties and different standard to calculate the freight. The surcharge of container freight in addition to the basic freight, container cargo will be. Surcharge standard varies according to different routes, cargo. Box rate table, currently has the following several additional orders: (1) overweight, long, large pieces of surcharge; (2) a dangerous, dangerous, reefer cargo surcharge; 3. Select or change the port of destination surcharge; (4) transshipment surcharge; (5) port surcharge and congestion surcharges; 6. Other surcharges. Cost: 1. FCL/FCL, loading port + THC + drag boxes for freight THC + + discharging port charges. 2. FCL/LCL: shipping company provide chassis fee + THC + freight + split open a case. 3. LCL/LCL: packing fee + freight + split open a case. 4. LCL/FCL: packing cost + freight + THC + shipping company provide chassis fee. Freight: 1. Box rates: for each container freight unit, according to the use of ocean freight tariff of the People's Republic of China ministry of transportation has the following three box rates. FAK (box rates. For each container goods, collect the class rate. FCS box rates. According to the grades of different goods box rate. Goods level is 1 to 20, but the differential is smaller. General cargo rate higher than the traditional transport rate at a lower price, high price goods less than traditional rate; At the same level of goods, real heavy freight price is higher than the volume of freight price. FCB box rates. Or goods according to different grades, and according to the calculation standard rates. Same level rate due to the calculation standard is different, have different rate. 8 ~ 10, for example, CY/CY delivery way, 20 feet container goods such as weight fee is $1500, as compared to $1450 charged according to size. 2. The lowest freight way. The minimum level of freight. Such as grade 7 cargo as minimum charge level, below the level 7 goods are charging per level 7. The minimum freight ton. If department regulations, 20 feet box lowest freight ton heavy cargo to 17. 5 tons, size cargo is 21. 5 cubic meters, W/M/is 21. 5 freight ton. The minimum load utilization. 3. The highest freight way. Set a maximum revenue ton. As in the volume of goods more than container cargo capacity, usually still charge according to the standard size. If charged according to grade box rate, and overall level is not at the same time, the goods shall not be lower levels of the freight. Set a maximum level of billing. Is not higher than the level of goods, take charge of the pricing level.
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