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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT | Labeling Solutions - Inbound Logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-02
Inventory Management, Warehousing, Technology ASG Cold Store Labels: These labels from ASG Services support warehouse labeling in operational freezers where adhesives tend to freeze and alternatives are costly. Featuring a reinforced adhesive, the labels can be applied in temperatures as low as -65ºF. ASG's software processes variable data to create these multi-field freezer labels. SATO America PV3: The mobile 3-inch thermal printer is designed for warehouse use and offers a large roll capacity, long battery life, and a built-in dispenser. Made of polycarbonate and rubber overmolding, the device can withstand drop impacts of up to 6.9 feet. Designed to eliminate mislabeling and increase order accuracy, the PV3 features fast data processing and printing speeds up to 5 inches per second as well as connectivity across multiple networks. Loftware Spectrum: This software solution allows companies to maintain continuous labeling operations across multiple sites. It can be deployed to company locations with each running independently and synchronizing to the central location when needed to access standard and approved label content and templates. In the event of a shutdown or supply chain disruption, remote facilities can maintain uptime until the connection is restored. Monarch Pathfinder 6059: This intelligent one-piece inventory management tool from Avery Dennison allows users to quickly and accurately capture inbound shipment data as well as print and apply routing labels to individual packages. The device offers both an RFID and non-RFID model. The handheld Pathfinder can encode RFID technology into the inlay of a label and can print the encoded label to support product tracking and transparency throughout the supply chain. Clean Release Removable Label: ID Label's new solution has an advanced adhesive that clings tightly to virtually any surface and stays securely in place for years but is easily removable and reusable without leaving behind any residue. The label lets companies remove and relabel warehouse locations and containers as inventory and information changes, eliminating the need to scrape off old labeling and clean and treat racks, beams, totes, and shelves. M2Smart Data Device: This handheld device from ACD Group lets users customize its modules depending on their supply chain needs. For instance, users can choose a printer module for labeling and an RFID module for tracking inventory. With an integrated scanner and camera, the device comes with a slide mechanism to enable modules to be swapped in without any tools, supporting multiple functions and addressing chain-of-custody concerns. Confidex Ferrowave Classic: Part of the new Confidex Go family of RFID labels for logistics applications, the Ferrowave Classic is ideal for labeling metallic foils and liquid containers. In particular, the label is designed for tagging automotive components and consumer packages. Confidex Go labels can be scanned from all angles and feature an eco-friendly paper-based structure. FP2 Thermal Barcode Printer: The new barcode printer from Toshiba America Business Solutions is lightweight and portable, producing high-speed (up to 6 inches per second) labels and 2-inch receipts for logistics, materials handling, and retail applications. One-step, drop-in media loading optimizes productivity. The printer produces shipping and markdown labels at the point of application to save time retrieving labels from a central area.
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