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Piano very safe handling these matters needing attention abroad you need to know

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
As the distance of the internationalization of China, with more and more closer to us a lot of immigrants, the piano artist, the training of study abroad, because of their beloved piano has deep feelings, all hope to bring his beloved piano to go abroad. Piano both price and feelings are better than ordinary furniture quantity is much expensive, if your packing is very difficult, and the packaging is not very professional easy to cause irreversible damage to the piano, is clearly in the fable, VIPU Supply Chain you recommend professional things or to the professional people to do better. So how do we choose a piano on logistics lp handling the piano to you? It is recommended that you choose international logistics lp to the company to do the following three important points of inspection: the company have rich experience in handling the piano, ready to protect the piano, handling personnel serious and responsible work attitude is very important. So, piano moving abroad should be placed requirements and precautions of what? VIPU Supply Chain gentleman here for everyone to popular science. Note: in the process of piano handling 1) Generally the piano in the 200 - weight About 250 kilograms, behind the centre of gravity in general, the main weight in iron, string columns, handling of time to find the proper equilibrium. ( 2) Had better not put in the piano parts removed, if due to handling space limitation, up to remove the lid, the door, the door combined chord. If you open action is best experienced people, please remove. ( 3) When handling first to check whether the door rolling up and down head is stuck, in case of falling down the door make film damage, then check if jean back two handles firmly. ( 4) Encountered in the ground push piano moves, floor rugged, should carry the harp slightly, the rough places will push later in the past, don't pushing hard. ( 5) The stairs, harp and ground tilt Angle should be less than 70 degrees, should be kept upright piano handling. ( 6) In the process of transporting the violent vibration and turbulence. ( 7) The piano is unfavorable open air transport in rainy day. Not to say that your piano handling to your house will be over, there are important steps that is how to carry home piano in place, the piano to the foreign matters should be paid attention to and placed requirements are as follows: what are the precautions for piano placed: ( 1) Don't place around the piano has serious corrosion gas, in case of metal surface oxidation. ( 2) Don't place near beside the piano or heat source place, want to make more than 2 meters apart, in case of wooden pieces deformation by baking. ( 3) Piano don't placed under the air conditioning or air conditioning air conditioning direct, placed quenching heat change of the quality of the piano. ( 4) Piano not placed in direct sunlight place, to prevent parts deformation cracking and change the quality of paint film. ( 5) The placement of the piano environmental requirements keep relative humidity is the most appropriate between 40 ~ 70%. Also require the room well ventilated and sunshine illuminate, in such an environment, can restrain the moth and mildew. ( 6) Jean back don't close to the wall, should have more than 10 cm clearance, such as conditional sideways and best is on the corner. ( 7) When jean placed on the ground floor, should raise some harmonica and foot pad a few pieces of wood or the wheels with boards as a platform. If use cushion block is lost in the wood slot and fixed with the ground, to prevent the move and fall. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is a focus on high-end international logistics lp, far more than dozens of years of experience in international logistics. Abroad for piano how safe handling problems, in addition to the above aspects need to be aware of, we VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp in the packaging of the piano, will shape according to the size of the piano and tailored to the outer packing. We will start with white cotton whole package to protect the paint and dust, and then use pearl cotton wrapped a layer again for anti-shock treatment, each piano might do with bead joint protection edges and corners, reoccupy with thick cardboard reinforcement, before loading container can put the piano in a custom wooden cases, as the highest level in the security level for international shipping. If you have a piano to the foreign demand, VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp will provide you with one-stop international logistics, door to door service for free for you to send packaging materials, goods duty-free clearance, complimentary tray, free on-site evaluation to box.
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