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Personal belongings in international shipping, how to package to save space?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
To go abroad or home, we use something really many, want to take away. In order to ensure safety, tidy up, be sure to make the packing plan. Baggage, then, what is worth us to pay attention to matters? 1, boxes, baggage to after loading and unloading, and a lot of surprises will place, such as violence, loading and unloading, and express extrusion blowing up lead to goods stack, etc. , in order to avoid lost luggage is damaged, so the packing boxes must be strong. Box can to the local post office or buy on the net, buy must choose double layer carton, stronger resistance to pressure, in addition, also note size, international express freight is according to the weight and volume terms, which is bigger in which. In addition if the box is too big, inside, little space too much will make goods not solid, easy to damage in transit. If you choose international logistics lp, they will provide the carton and some packaging materials. International logistics lp to provide the carton is more special, moistureproof mildew, strong compressive strength, accord with the requirement of air, sea, other packaging materials, such as earthquake bubble film, pearl cotton, cotton paper, desiccant, etc. , logistics lp will provide. 2, packaging packaging bags, the most important thing is to use less space outfit more, all to save for the principle. When considering from saving space, dot outfit, try to carry the goods packaged in small, space journey to buy souvenirs and gifts; Big heavy objects can be placed in the bottom, small lighter, and more easily to such handling; Fragile items can be wrapped up with clothing or towel, in luggage space, can into drum shape towel or soft and not easy to wrinkled clothes. The less things placed more closely, the damage of luggage. Place your suitcases classify ground, so as not to messy because of something more. In addition, you need to consider the following considerations: ( 1) If you choose by sea, single luggage weight not more than 30 kg, if you choose to air freight, need to control within 26 kg in weight. Excess baggage would be over weight charge or additional packing again, from unnecessary expenses. ( 2) Don't use duffel bag, compression bag to pack your bags, plastic boxes, plastic. Luggage may occur in the process of transportation loading and unloading, handling, stacking of logistics operation, through the duffel bag, compression bag, plastic boxes, plastic bags, such as inferior packing container shipping luggage cannot get effective protection, it is easy to cause the damage, if the outer packing accidentally cut by outside objects, items lost the risk of damage will be greatly improved. ( 3) Strictly abide by the provisions of native laws and customs, please check the restricted items, so, when preparing the luggage, must on the rules of the entry and exit baggage to have a clear understanding, so as to prevent unnecessary, more should not take things and cause trouble. ( 4) Can pack in carton, according to the content for a simple annotation, convenient home after receiving the baggage of classification and sorting, such as 'clothes, shoes,' 'kitchen', 'graduation' homework, 'fragile' and so on. Best with English logo, convenient to read foreign customs officials.
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