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New furniture shipped to foreign countries, how to do can duty-free?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
The family prepare years long, want to buy some new furniture shipping in the past for my own use. I'm looking for a bank on the net, should not a reliable answer! Is multifarious, some said to buy in 6 months before the landing, and tax exemption of used furniture to completely; Others said, when they enter Canada customs unpacking sampling observation, if it is a new valuation will call you to pay taxes ( Heavy) ; Others said, when logging in for the first time, as long as fill out to bring in the declaration form for furniture, shipped within a year in the past, are exempt from tax. 。 Now the actual policy? As long as can buy self-used furniture must be before the landing all duty-free? To obtain a n experienced person to give me advice, I on behalf of the family and a lot of care about this problem but didn't get the answer of the bobbin said thank you very much! Buy for new furniture (before landing Used in the original packaging furniture) , when the Chinese customs HeJinJia when the customs tax, certainly not I'm going to shipping the furniture. The past friends had no shipping furniture, some regret, Even we land transport) 。 A little bit more expensive (because of furniture of the house rent Furniture is complete, your) 。 Additional Canada with quality furniture, compared with the furniture of the added freight shipping in the past or to be much more expensive. The other day to go to guangzhou, near shunde music from the furniture city and nanhai jiujiang textile city at furniture and curtain, it's cheap and beautiful, call a person to leave! As far as I know, sea freight not expensive furniture. Common LCL, and large amount of words may be cheaper. It is because the sea is too trouble, don't know the inside of the case, most people did not go to sea, without even knowing or by sea, was beaten the shipping company, from this Marine environment is regret, the naysayers. Shipment is not moving furniture is my current immediately to fix the problem, please help me! After if new furniture completely tax-free, anyway is to buy furniture. Back in the 90 s came to guangdong, one by one to buy furniture, earn money all use it, so poor! In Canada, and had to go one by one for the expensive furniture, return not equal to one pace reachs the designated position, in the domestic first bought furniture shipped in the past. I am ready to fixed in the city live a few years, so the idea of having to buy furniture. Foreign furniture is usually very expensive, and the style is not so complete, so, for new immigrants, how the security to buy new furniture in China and abroad don't have to pay duties are very concern, the first is identity right, can carry personal items in the United States the identity of the home residents, and foreign residents holding a temporary visa and permanent visa, new immigrants, students, diplomats, etc. , how can you avoid tariffs, in the process of transportation and what need to notice? Below, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp with years of experience in the personal belongings of transportation for you answer: q: because my goods is new, as far as I know, the goods must be old, don't know whether your company have to guests provide assistance in this respect? Answer: as long as the identity, new items won, although the customs regulation items must have and use more than one year, however, if it is a new item, we will down the original packaging, and then by our VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of professional packaging materials to packaging, so they can be used to declare personal belongings, and don't have to pay any duty. Q: higher risk of such a shipment was found? Has been found out is new, need to pay the tax? Have a fine? How about the calculation method of? Answer: is every ticket goods to the customs will check, but the customs check goods is not open the packing to check, after we repackage items, even if it is new, also can't found out the customs, if is the original packaging, customs check. But, if it is the original packaging, has been the customs check, not only need to pay high tariffs and the consumption tax, will face the risk of being fined, so people smuggling goods mustn't use packaging. Q: LCL and FCL which one is good, what is the difference between cost? Answer: something less words go LCL is more economical, but if it is something more, such as the whole family's things away, go the whole ark, of course, a small ark can hold 28 cubic meters, however, suggest go the whole ark, not enough to fill up, because more than the price will not change too much, that is, of course, can install will be installed, and the foreign, furniture is much more expensive than domestic. More about immigration logistics, private goods transport problems, please contact VIPU international logistics Supply Chain.
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