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Logistics to the Australian customs clearance with B534 form how to fill in?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Logistics from China to Australia, at the time of the customs clearance formalities, in addition to providing your passport photo page and visa page copy and packing list in English, but also provide a copy of the Australian customs clearance form, which we call B534 form, this is the customs request the consignee in destination countries take the form of the personal belongings of customs clearance, so how do we fill B534 form? Here are VIPU international logistics Supply Chain provides B534 form fill in the sample, for your reference: the first page, the second page, third page: the fourth page: other matters needing attention of logistics to Australia: 1, the Australian government to environmental protection is very strict, so all private goods into Australia need rear can release for inspection and quarantine of the inspection and quarantine can be finished soon, but in line for a long time, generally within 10 - About 14 days. 2, many common items, such as plants, seeds of plants, animals and animal fur, Not processed) , soil and soil contact items such as: golf clubs, watering the flowers with water pipe, some of the instruments used for agricultural production, etc. , to avoid trouble, suggested that do not carry. 3, in view of the new items, Australia would impose a 5% tariff and a 10% consumption tax ( 销售税) 。 4, the local voltage is similar to the domestic, is 240 v, so customers with a lot of electric equipment can be used in the past, but need to be ready in the socket, because on the other side of the socket is a triangle, and the domestic some different.
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