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Job Secret: Those who deal with goods

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-16
Explosion-proof security inspectors are carrying out explosion-proof inspection of goods.

As we all know, passengers need to go through security check before boarding. But did you know that cargo flights also need to undergo security checks? At Capital Airport, there is a group of people who specialize in dealing with cargo: they have inspected live rhinos, beluga whales, contacted precious gold and diamonds, handled important diplomatic envelopes, living organs, and even the annual international auto show. All kinds of luxury sports cars, state-of-the-art aerospace instruments and military supplies also arrived safely at their destinations through their inspections. In the early morning hours, it is their busiest working time of the day; before the Spring Festival, '11.11', when people are buying new year's goods joyfully, or crazy 'hand speed' online, it is their hardest working time of the year . What is it like to be in a pile of goods? Today, let's talk about the cargo and mail inspection of Capital Airport that you haven't seen.

More than 14,000 pieces are tested every day

The cargo and mail inspection section of the Capital Airport Security Company is mainly responsible for the security inspection of air cargo, mail, express mail and personnel entering the warehouses of various airlines represented by the Capital Airport BGS. In addition to having security inspection business with more than 30 airlines and more than 140 air freight forwarding companies such as China Southern Airlines, HNA Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, Daxinhua, etc., the cargo and postal inspection department has also undertaken federal, express self-operated, and customs clearance. Five self-operated businesses including cargo, post office, and Nanku SF.

The cargo yard of the Capital Airport is far away from passengers, but it gathers cargo from all over the world. Various large trucks have filled the cargo station, some are unloading the cargo, and some are waiting in line. Explosion-proof security inspector Xiao Wuzheng conducts explosion-proof inspection of the cargo: 'Our responsibilities of the explosion-proof security inspector are to be responsible for uninterrupted explosion-proof inspection of the inspected goods and mails to prevent explosive devices from entering the aircraft.'

The first step in cargo safety inspection is explosion-proof testing. The explosion-proof security inspector shall check the declaration form submitted by the freight forwarder, and then use the test paper to sample the goods according to the explosion-proof ratio of the goods. After the instruments are detected correctly, they can be released and enter the next procedure.

'Big heat and small heat, steamed and boiled.' Cargo and postal inspections are performed outdoors and the working conditions are difficult. In the explosion-proof test, Xiao Wu has been sweating and sweating, bean-sized sweat beads flowing down his cheeks, and the black uniform has been faintly white due to the sun. 'We have about 14,000 items of anti-explosion testing every day. Although the conditions are difficult, but we insist on it every year, it is nothing!' Xiao Wu said with a smile.

Check 135,000 tons in half a year

'After the goods have passed the explosion-proof test, the operator will check whether the inspected goods comply with the inspection procedures, and the next step is to carry out X-ray inspection. We use X-ray machine to judge the pictures of the inspected goods and intercept all kinds of dangerous goods in Ground.' Xiao Zhang, the operator said.

With the continuous emergence of new types of dangerous goods and prohibited goods, do a good job in safety inspection and protection, improve the ability to identify dangerous goods and prohibited goods, and provide a higher level for ensuring the safety of air cargo and postal transportation, and achieving safe and fast security inspections. Requirements. On January 18, 2019, when the security inspector was performing the power-on task, a box of unidentified liquid appeared in the image of the goods named 'Ladies' bags, ladies' dresses' during the inspection, which attracted the attention of the security inspector . After unpacking and inspection, 889 bottles of tear gas were found in the goods. Tear gas is a forbidden item. Once such objects squeeze and collide in high altitude, they can cause unimaginable consequences such as explosions.

It is understood that in the first half of 2019, the cargo and postal inspection department inspected a total of 135,000 tons of goods and seized more than 4,000 pieces of various prohibited items such as corrosion, flammability, and explosion, which ensured the air defense security of the Capital Airport. 'Now there are more than 700 tons of over-shipped goods every day, and we shoulder a heavy responsibility for safety. It is my duty to have zero tolerance for potential safety hazards!' Xiao Zhang said firmly.

Conduct monthly survey visits

While ensuring safety, the cargo and postal inspection department is also actively doing service work. 'True service' is not just a slogan, but embodied in specific actions. To this end, the Cargo and Post Inspection Division has established a 'Cargo Security Inspection WeChat Communication Platform' to provide policy support to customers with air cargo in doubt, prompting them about the procedures and conditions they should provide; during special periods involving air defense security, cargo and mail The security inspection section will inform customers in advance of the special safety inspection measures, allowing customers to make flight plans and make transportation arrangements in advance. At the same time, the cargo and postal inspection department has also established a monitoring mechanism, using monthly satisfaction questionnaires to be distributed to each freight forwarder, and asking each freight forwarder to provide comments and suggestions on the service work of the department in order to optimize service measures.

In the first half of 2019 alone, the cargo and postal inspection department received 32 pennants and 89 letters of praise, which were highly praised and unanimously praised by various freight forwarding companies. In order to ensure safe civil aviation and safe cargo transportation, security inspectors work on a 24-hour shift. They use practical actions to explain their responsibilities and responsibilities. While safeguarding air cargo, they guard the safety of every passenger. ('China Civil Aviation News', China Civil Aviation Network correspondent Chen Tingting, Su Hang)
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