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How to operate Amazon FBA header label

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-23
Know how to deal with the problems in the transportation process, and reasonably avoid the corresponding risks, can provide assistance in foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other Amazon FBA first-way transportation services, and smoothly send the goods to the Amazon FBA first-way warehouse.
Product labels can be printed in the required quantity during the process of generating FBA headline orders, or on the inventory management page, check the corresponding Listing, and select PrintLabels in the upper menu bar to print, and then print via the Amazon system The label of the product will contain the product title. The text in this part is optional, including the label itself. If you feel that the system is inconvenient to print, you can also use the labeling machine to directly rewrite the label code corresponding to the product label. To generate a label, it should be noted that the label code of the combination of letters and numbers under the label completely matches the bar code above. What we read with the naked eye is the label code below. The machine recognizes it by scanning the bar code symbol on the upper line The same content.

Regarding product labels, one thing that needs to be reminded in particular is that if your product already has a barcode on the original packaging, you need to find a way to cover the original barcode when you re-label the FBA product label. Two barcodes appear on a product. It is easy to make mistakes in the FBA warehouse operation, or even fail to recognize them.
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For the FBA headline outer box label, you need to set the number of boxes according to your actual packing number, and then print out the outer box label that matches the number of boxes. During the process of generating the outer box label, there is a box for filling in weight and size. , These contents need not be filled in, if you fill in, the weight of a single box should not be more than 50 pounds, otherwise the system will prompt overweight. Print out the outer box labels and stick them on each box of items separately, and the pre-shipment preparations are basically completed. Here is a small suggestion. It is recommended to print a few more copies of the outer box label, and paste a few more on different sides of the outer box to avoid the situation that one label is damaged during transportation and cannot be identified in the warehouse.

Specialization: We are familiar with Amazon FBA first-way transportation requirements, know how to deal with problems in the transportation process, and reasonably avoid corresponding risks. We can provide assistance in foreign customs clearance, tax payment and other Amazon FBA first-way transportation services, and deliver goods smoothly Into the Amazon FBA head warehouse.

Efficient: We receive the order data, book the space in advance, arrange the space in time, and arrange the shipment in time. At the same time, we have completed the customs clearance procedures and scheduled delivery time in advance abroad. The whole process is interlocked and delivered to the Amazon FBA head in the fastest time. Cheng warehouse.
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