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How to choose a freight forwarding system?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-25
Anyone who has been a freight forwarding company knows that when the business develops to a certain amount, it is necessary to use the freight forwarding management system to implement centralized management of the company's group enterprises. The development level and service level of the freight forwarding management system in the market are different, so how to choose a freight forwarding management system to make company management more handy? The freight forwarding management system is aimed at the unique business specifications and management processes of the freight forwarding industry. Using modern information technology and information-based theories and methods, it has been developed to provide effective support and support to the operations, management and strategic decision-making layers of freight forwarding enterprises. Help management system. In order to choose the freight forwarding management system suitable for our company, we need to figure out the following points: First, can meet the business needs of enterprises Looking at the current freight forwarding software market, there are more than a dozen. Each freight forwarding system is mostly similar in the entire business process, mainly in details and some emphasis. As a freight forwarder, we can spend some time focusing on investigating several systems, applying for trial, or let the software vendor demonstrate the system and compare it with other parties. Here, the freight forwarder needs to make clear two points: 1. The system can completely solve its own key business needs 2. The system can properly match the business scenario of the enterprise In practical applications, the customer clapper system is often based on the first point, and later paid for the system, but found that the system could not match the company's business scene friendly. Second, after-sales service Regarding software after-sales service, because in many cases, we only know when we got on the bus, because you do n’t know what the other party ’s service is, if you do n’t buy the software, you only know how the other party ’s service is after you buy the software. You can learn from two points: 1. Understand each other's service reputation through peer customers 2. Establish contacts with senior software vendors Freight Forwarding Management System Image source: Internet Third, the scalability of the system OMS order management docking with other cross-border e-commerce platforms This is from the perspective of freight forwarding customer management, that is, the cross-border e-commerce platform order information is automatically imported into the system declaration, which is convenient for customers to process orders. TMS docking with other logistics channels It is mainly used for system customer service track maintenance. If the system can be connected to other logistics provider channel tracks, then we can automatically display track information to the system and customer order system without having to manually search for maintenance. In short, when choosing a freight forwarding system, the correct choice of thinking should be based on its own situation. It should not follow the public's choice of thinking. Some companies are engaged in small package business, but your software supports dedicated line business, then this software is useless to you, so before choosing a freight forwarding system, you must do your homework first, business type, development direction, and demand point. .
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