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How to avoid the shipping container railway fee and demurrage?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
Even if well-planned, container shipping the goods is still inevitably encounter delays, this often involves two extra costs: railway fees and the box demurrage, if you can't control transportation correctly and effectively these two fees may be a huge trouble. So what is a railway and box demurrage fee? How can we avoid the happening of cost? What is the fee for railway? Railway fee is also called the storage charge, English for Demurrage, usually when doing commodities import and export, due to the seller or the buyer not according to the loading rate of chartering contracts finish loading and unloading of goods, the carrier's vessel extend in wharf berthing time, in accordance with the provisions of the charter party and obtain the penalty fee. Or failed to the seller and the buyer to the port customs clearance pick up the goods, the goods in time to the port of the goods at the port the stacking time stipulated in the stacking time beyond the port ( Usually 7 days) As a result of cost. In general railway fee refers to the second case. Example: a container ship in July 2 is unloaded from the ship. The consignee on July 12 or so to port and shipping company contact. If from the shipping company (within 7 days of shipment date Is different from the port to avoid heap date) Calculate standard free days, the free heap date expires on July 8th. And as of July 12, the box has been in the dock, a total of 11 days, the container has been in the port are, so the consignee to pay from July 9 to 12, a four-day railway fee. What is a box of demurrage? In order to ensure the smooth circulation of container, to avoid the container be tie up, the shipping company for the users of the container, the time limit prescribed by this period depends on the different ship the rules of the company, usually in 7 days. In this period, the goods take up the container for free, over this period of time, the goods take up container requires the fixed fee, this is the 'box demurrage', the cost by the shipping company to charge users of the container. Example: it is to take the example above, the consignee on July 7 will be a container from the dock, but empty container on July 19, sent to the designated warehouse. So the shipping company will qualify during July 9 to July 19 cases of demurrage charge the consignee for 11 days. How to avoid the tank demurrage, railway? ( 1) Required documents ready for customs clearance, and various goods, such as wood products need certificate of origin, phytosanitary certificate, fumigation certificate, prepare the required documents in advance to ensure customs clearance smoothly. ( 2) Focus on navigation period, early will bill of lading and customs clearance information to customs clearance company, they can discover the problems existing in the customs clearance data in time, so even if discrepancies also have buffer time, in front of the ship to the port to solve as soon as possible. ( 3) If your goods in the port of destination customs clearance time is longer, can apply for more free box with ship company in advance, or transit bonded warehouse, replace box first, avoid any more fees. ( 4) Know ahead of time in container yard, after contact with yard, the yard's team will release the goods after mentioning yard, the yard twisting box, and then according to the need to transport the goods by rail or car to the final destination, so that you can avoid tank demurrage finally shows that the tank demurrage can apply to the shipping company release ahead of time, can apply for to 14 days, or even longer; Railway fee will apply to the port terminals, however, are usually unable to apply for relief.
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