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How long does it take to make a multinational logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
International logistics is different from the domestic logistics and domestic logistics may be a few days to complete, but it takes a long time to international logistics, so a lot of people want to know the answer, immigration logistics abroad to need how long? In international logistics, most of the way by sea, it's an inevitable problem, shipping time is very long. With China shipping to Australia, by sea from Shanghai to Melbourne, sea voyage time in more than 15 days, if shipping from China to the eastern United States or Europe, time will be longer. Some common immigration destination by sea shipment, From sailing to the goods to the port of time) : about 25 to the west coast 35 days. About 35 - the east coast 45 days; About 15 to vancouver 25 days; Toronto 21 - 30 days; Australia's 18 - 25 days; Singapore 5 - 10 days; Japan 8 - 15 days. In addition, in the whole process of the logistics service abroad include delivery tally, customs declaration, after loading, the destination customs clearance, cargo handling, the last is to send the door, so the time need to step by step superposition calculation. Also, embarks from the inland areas of China and China's coastal regions, the time required is different also, in the same way, send abroad, different areas have different time. In addition, the processing time and after the goods arrived at destination port customs clearance time is difference. Take the customs declaration, the United States generally about five days, Australia, New Zealand, generally within two weeks, generally a week or so, Europe, Canada is special needs to consignee in person to the customs office for consultation, assist clearance, generally can be released on the same day, so logistics abroad, from the beginning, of almost all need about 1 to 2 months time. In order to save time in the logistics, we work to make sufficient preparations. To make good need to carry items list ahead of schedule, according to the opinion of the international logistics lp to determine which items can be checked, what is the mode of transportation. The last and most importantly, be sure to find a professional international logistics lp to transport their goods.
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