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Dongguan FBA first trip: Dalang Craft Gift Factory

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-08
Working as a foreign trade Miss Liang in a handicraft factory in Dalang, Dongguan. A few years ago, I visited our company for air freight to the United States, and I have been very satisfied with our service. This year, she started her own business and established an e-commerce company for crafts and gifts, mainly to do Amazon's e-commerce business.

Later, I took the initiative to call our company and learned that our company also does e-commerce logistics business, because the customer just came out to start an Amazon e-commerce business, and the packaging, timeliness, price and FBA headway business required for the products are not Know well.

After the patient explanation of the manager of our e-commerce department and the collection of our company based on our past experience and all historical data, we understand what kind of products are easy to break and where they are broken, and then pre-package her products. This is to provide value-added services in the receiving link, and then I am also very satisfied with our FAB first-way transportation service. I decided to go to the Amazon warehouse to designate VIPUTRANS to be responsible for transportation, which greatly solved the customer's worries. Customers only need to do their e-commerce, and deliver the goods to VIPUTRANS professional logistics company to cooperate!
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