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The yoga mat is sent to the US Amazon to choose

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-10
Ms. Huang, the business manager of a company in Dongguan, whose products are mainly sold to Europe and the United States, and the United States is the main exporting country. I found VIPUTRANS through a web search. I felt that VIPUTRANS has favorable prices, stable timeliness, and good service attitude, so many batches of yoga have been sent out. The mat went to Illinois, USA. No, this time the yoga mat is served by the American shipping container.

According to Xiaoli's understanding, Ms. Huang learned that VIPUTRANS specializes in American logistics. She asked the customer service Xiaoli why you only do 'dedicated lines'. Xiaoli explained that because we only want to focus on one event and provide customers with more Excellent service. After Ms. Huang listened, she became very interested. Xiaoli arranged for Sandy to receive Ms. Huang. Sandy reported to Ms. Huang the price of the US shipping container channel. Ms. Huang felt that our price was acceptable.

This time Miss Huang has 4600KG of cargo. Sandy, the business manager, recommended our company’s most advantageous American shipping container service. It usually takes about 25 days to ship to Illinois, USA. After working with VIPUTRANS many times, Miss Huang gave us the price It is also very clear that our price is a one-off offer, without any invisible consumption. After the quotation, Miss Huang delivered the goods directly without hesitation
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