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The whole process of TT foreign trade!

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04

(1) Receive orders from foreign customers;

(2) Make a proforma invoice and pass it to foreign customers, and foreign customers return to sign;

(3) Make a production order transmission factory and let the person in charge of the factory sign back;

(4) Requesting the mark, color picture, and bar code to foreign customers, and pass the mark, color picture, and bar code to the factory;

(5) Follow the factory for production;

(6) About 10 days before the departure time, the forwarder of the foreign customer shall request the standard form of the booking form, fill it out as required, and then transfer the booking to the shipping company;

(7) Official S/O from the shipping company;

(8) In general, your own inspectors go to the supplier's factory to inspect the goods (if the customer has an inspection representative in the mainland, the supplier is usually asked to drag the goods back to the company, and then the customer's mainland inspection representative will inspect the goods);

(9) Pass the S/O to the towing company (indicate the time, place, time, contact number, etc. of the towing cabinet in front of the S/O to the towing cabinet);

(10) Make the content of the customs declaration, namely 'FAX MESSAGE', and ask the trailer dealer for the address of the customs broker to facilitate the foreign trade company to send a full set of documents (the ones that can be classified as far as possible, the purpose is to reduce the verification form);

(11) Indicate the address of the customs broker on the 'FAX MESSAGE', and then pass the 'FAX MESSAGE' to the foreign trade company (the foreign trade company will pass the customs declaration information to the customs broker), and give the manufacturer a 'container notice';

(12) After loading the cabinet, fill in the cabinet number, seal number and other information (for goods that need fumigation, fill in the fumigation format) and then pass it to the customs broker for customs declaration;

(13) Make FORM A and pass it to the foreign trade company;

(14) Make shipping notice and send it to customers;

(15) To return the customs declaration, plus the application form for issuing special value-added tax invoices, and submit it to the financial accounting (calculated by the exchange rate of 9.18);

(16) Make up the bill of lading and send it to the shipping company;

(17) The foreign trade company reverses the official FORMA;

(18) Prepare shipping notice, certificate of origin (FORMA), bill of lading, invoice, packing list, (sometimes with certificate of disinfection and fumigation), and pass them to foreign customers together, requiring foreign customers to pay;

(19) Submit the copy of the bill of lading and DEBIT NOTE (water bill) to the financial department. After the financial department has paid the cost of the DEBIT NOTE, the shipping company will release the original bill of lading, and I will send the above original documents directly to foreign customers for the convenience of foreign customers Pick up.
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