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Port Macquarie Accommodation - How To Have An

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-23

When searching for an appropriate Port Macquarie Accommodation you really have to consider what kind of holiday would you like to have. Generally there two kinds of people. The ones that just spend their holidays laying arround and having taste of the local cuisine and beverages and generally enjoying not having anything to do. The other hand is the ones that want to enjoy an active holiday to the full and today we will be discussing the option that Port Macquarie is offering to the second group of holiday lovers


Radical surfing is one of the top reasons many people book hotels in this area. You'll find many surf friendly accommodation and hotel here many within walking distance from the beach. Point Plomer and Saltwater Point are two of the highest rated surf spots in the area - Bonny Hills, North Shore and Southies are all great on different days as well.


You can either hire your own Kayaks or go on a kayaking tour in the Hastings River at Port Macquarie. If you get a guide for this activity, you will have a chance to see a lot of things that newbies to the area would otherwise miss.

Horse Riding

If you have decided to try horseback riding in the Port Macquarie usually Bellrowan area is the place to be. Riding tour operators offer pub rides, trail rides as well as overnight packages. You'll need a nice, comfortable and a friendly Port Macquarie hotel room booked for when you get back from those thigh-busting rides!


If you want to experience the subtropical rainforest of the area, as well as sandy beaches and stunning rocky coastline and historic sites, you just nee to get on a hiking tour.There are lots of hiking opportunities in the area and even those with a minimum fitness level can easily complete the new 9km coastal walk in Port Macquarie, stretching from the Tacking Point lighthouse to Westport Park.


This affordable and available activity is very similar to hiking. Golf in Port Macquarie is available at a great range of courses. One of the most popular during summer hydrogolf, where water is an integral part of the park and the course's best adjective is 'creative and refreshing'!


You don't have to own a boat that you can drive up the coast - you don't even need to own your own fishing equipment. Most of the fishing charters in the Port Macquarie offer top of the line equipment hire as well as charters in most seasons of the year.

Best Port Macquarie hotels for active adventurers

Look for a Port Macquarie accommodation that truly allows you to enjoy and relax when you are done with the horseback riding, golfing, surfing and kayaking. You will have deserved it. The best Port Macquarie hotels for active travellers offer:

The Quality Inn HW Boutique offers Port Macquarie Accommodation on the beautiful NSW north coast. Come and visit the amasing attractions in Port Macquarie that will take your breath away and be our guest at one of the finest Port Macquarie Hotels.

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