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Personal items customs how to apply for?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Customer should keep three days prior to the required documents in the customs declaration, inspection and quarantine declaration. Provide documents are: list invoices, contracts, inspection declaration a power of attorney, factory inspection list, a carton packing list and other documents. Exports to the United States, Australia, Canada, European Union and other packaging need to do fumigation or heat treatment for wood, documents provided by the client are: list, invoices, contracts, inspection declaration a power of attorney. Such as fumigation products are wood, shall provide the factory inspection list. Do fumigation or heat treatment products, customers should be two days before the customs declaration, the goods arrived to a specified storage area or port for fumigation. ( Fumigation and 24 hours, if it is personal items you don't need to fumigation) Export declaration formally declare at the customs. Such as export need to pay the taxes and fees, should pay taxes in time. The customs end examination of documents on site. The documents after the release, the shipper should be in the customs within the stipulated time shall the goods shipped to the customs supervision area. For inspection, customs broker should contact the customs, goods inspection, after the test needs to seal specified by the ship company seal. Without inspection shall promptly carry out physical release, will be shipping in accordance with the cut off time to the port of shipment. For export goods, the ship company will export manifest data transfer the customs, the customs to receive after customs broker for customs clearance data in the data, in a timely manner to the customs print tax cancel after verification. Export customs clearance over. The customer shall pay the customs clearance in time to our company authorize acting mat. Relevant policy, export customs declaration enterprises should have registered in the local customs, inspection and quarantine bureau for the record, and has import and export management rights and inspection qualification. Customers after the goods arrived at the customs surveillance zone, 24 hours before loading, prepare documents for customs declaration to the customs. Necessary documents: list, invoices, contracts, customs a power of attorney, such as shipping company shipping documents pieces of each one. According to the various documents stipulated in the customs tariff. ( Such as customs form, an export license, etc. ) Have a manual shall provide manual customs declaration.
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